What is insurance and why does it also exist for animals?

By | April 27, 2022

Pet insurance covers health care costs for your pet just like human insurance. Dogs and cats are an integral part of our life. So it is common to offer them the best in terms of health care. To avoid having to incur too high costs. The insurance market offers a solution for all owners of dogs and cats.

Pet insurance – how does it work?

The animal insurance reimburses the health costs of your 4-legged companion according to the guarantees subscribed, this can include the costs of vaccination and sterilization, emergencies, and illnesses; the mechanism is the same as that of a normal mutual for us, to summarize the various steps. Based on the guarantees of the signed contract, veterinary expenses.

Why take out pet insurance?

If we take a look at our neighbors across the Alps, French families. It is dogs that cost the most: 30% of owners spend. More than € 800 per year on the health of their pet, while only 19% of cat owners face equivalent costs.

Vaccines are the main expense item (77%, a figure that reaches 87% for dog owners). This is followed by drugs (54%), special feeding costs (46%), sterilization (35%), surgical operations (16%) and dental care costs (11%).

Almost 1 in 2 owners (47%) find the principle of insuring their pet interesting, owners believe that the costs that require coverage are surgery (71%), medical treatments (66%) and vaccines (48%) ), while 29% also cite the custody of the animal in case of the owner’s incapacity.

According to the data published by the  report, there are 60 million pets that keep us company, including 7 million dogs. 63.4 % of those who have at least one pet spend between 31 and 100 euros per month . Due to their size, their exuberance, their protective instincts and the fact that they spend a lot of time outside the home, dogs are by far the pet most prone to harm to third parties .

No matter how calm our puppy is, there is always the risk that he will start chasing a cat, that he will quarrel with another dog. In addition, over the course of their lives they may have health problems that require expensive veterinary care.

This is why more and more people are choosing to insure their four-legged friend. But what does dog insurance cover? Let’s see it right away.

Animal insurance can generally cover:

  • Damage to third parties : who has never lost sight of their dog for a second during a walk in a park and found him running on a busy street? What if, while running, he causes a cyclist to fall or cause an accident? Or what if, by fighting, he injures another dog? Or what if he bites someone and makes him fall? In all these cases, without dog insurance you can find yourself paying extremely high costs. On the other hand, if you have insured your dog, you will face these unexpected events with greater peace of mind.
  • Legal protection : In the event of a dispute regarding damage suffered or caused by a pet, the insurance will cover the legal costs.
  • Veterinary protection : in case of illness or accident of your dog, veterinary expenses can reach very high figures, this type of coverage allows you to be sure that you are looking after your faithful friend in the best possible way, even in the event of surgery.

What does pet insurance cover?

Most pet insurances offer reimbursement of all veterinary expenses. Covered assistance depends on the guarantees that have been chosen.

Depending on the contract selected, an annual ceiling may be applied, usually between € 1,000 and € 2,500. Once the ceiling is exceeded, the insurance will no longer cover health costs for the current year.

For preventive actions such as sterilization or vaccination, there is often an annual flat rate.

Pet insurance is a policy designed to protect owners and their pets. From all those unforeseen and unfortunately many expensive events related to the health of our dog or cat.

Pet Insurance: what it is and what it includes

Are you interested in taking out pet insurance but don’t know exactly what it is and what it includes?

You are in the right place: in our guide today we will try to understand. What are the main terms of reference of this policy. How to get the best from its coverage, obtaining immediate clarity on its contents.

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet Insurance (which you can often find under other names, such as dog and cat insurance, and so on), is a policy that insurance companies. dedicate to all those people who love their pets and want to protect them with specific coverage. While protecting their health and assets.

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