In the filter product manufacturing industry, various types of filtration products are available that serve versatile needs and functionality. You can explore the segment of filtration bags, paper, simple filtration cloths, and other things. As the demand for application areas is different, so the manufacturer produces the material.  PTFE laminated Cotton filter Paper material is getting quite popular for its specification. It’s sustainable, high efficient, ideal filtration precision, but low resistance.


PTFE filter media holds extraordinary properties that make it versatile and one of the most utilized materials for various industrial needs. Steel, Cement, Ferroalloy, carbon black, accessing the PTFE filter media and improving the productivity and cleanliness of industrial processes. 

5 practices to identify PTFE fiberglass filter bags

In the market, many shop owners are delivering duplicate quality filter material. Therefore, it is manufactured with the fake fiberglass filter cloth and PTFE microporous membrane. It does not possess any industrial process or benefits.


People who are involved in the manufacturing or production process of PTFE membrane filters or PTFE Fiberglass filter paper or any other media can’t find out the difference between the original and duplicate material. In this confusion, they lock the unworthy deal not favorable to produce optimum industrial results.


Filter media layered with the fiberglass material can resist the high temperature but this is only ideal in the range of 80deg C. Furthermore, an increase in temperature will cause fiberglass film dissolution.


PTFE membrane filters and PTFE laminated filter bags have different properties. After connecting to many manufacturers and producers we have summarized a few points to explain the things here.


Touch the surface

If you are going to purchase any filter media made of PTFE coated fiberglass use your hand to feel the surface. Hot pressing skills are significant to producing a smooth-surfaced, soft PTFE coated filter media. While the PTFE filter media made with the combination of adhesive senses is a bit moist. All the produced materials give a different feeling. Meanwhile, both materials make a different significance for different industrial use. 


Alternatively, adhesives possess similar properties as organic solvents.

If you pour the PTFE laminated material into an organic solvent, no adhesive will stick to the surface. Consequently, the membrane and the fiberglass can be separated later. Benzene, Lipids, and Ketones are good examples of organic solvents.


If you expose the adhesive glass fiber film material then the adhesive glass will be unwrapped from the PTFE microporous membrane filter. Furthermore, PTFE coated fiberglass filter material can sustain up to 300Deg C.


Any modification and change in system resistance are enough to diagnose the quality of PTFE laminated filter material. At the time of operational practices, the resistance of the system will vary for PTFE membrane glass filter bags and hot-pressed PTFE laminated fiberglass filter bags. 

PTFE filter bags

Due to the low resistance and high stability properties, hot-pressed PTFE filter bags function well. On the other hand, the adhesive PTFE fiberglass filter bag possesses a high operation resistance level, & agility. That causes blockage occurrences. The membrane filter failed to serve the optimum results.


If someone has replaced the fiberglass membrane filter bag with a different low-quality fiberglass bag then it will impact the efficiency of the bag filters. At the time of replacement, you can’t measure the resistance level, quality & performance of the filter bags. 


If you will let it function for one or two months then check the filter bags if they are still smooth and soft as initial. Then it is PTFE laminated fiberglass filter bag. Alternatively, if the things are not the same and you notice the cakes, or hard dust, that you need to clean with any sharp thing. Then, this PTFE fiberglass bag is a sort of membrane filter that is not perfect for optimum uses.


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