Mathematics is an essential subject for every student in their school life. Every student starts learning maths from a very early age. At first, they start to learn from the basic understanding of maths. After that, we learn different mathematical formulas and symbols. However, two of the symbols are Parentheses and Brackets. There are many students who do not know about Math Parentheses vs Brackets. 


Yes, it might be difficult to know when and how to use parentheses and brackets. Moreover, it is essential to know the main difference between them. Because many students think they are identical and use any of them in place of each other. That is why it is vital for students to learn the main difference between them.


However, to help you, we will discuss Math Parentheses vs Brackets in the simplest way. So that, you can easily understand the main difference between them. Therefore, let’s start Math Assignment Help with a little understanding of both symbols.


Math Parentheses vs Brackets: Overview




A parenthesis is one of the many different types of brackets available. However, it is a separate type of punctuation mark in common use. It can be nested, with the inner sets using the same or different types of brackets. Moreover, it is used to cover the statements and things, like explanations or commentary. It means if we remove the parentheses later, it does not affect the meaning of the statement.


In addition, we can also use the parentheses when we add more information to clarify something. Additionally, to enclose the numbers, words, phrases, sentences, letters, symbols, etc. we use parentheses. Whereas, we use brackets to enclose the information entered into a quote.

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In this battle of Math Parentheses vs Brackets, we should understand both symbols. However, we have discussed the parentheses above. Now, let’s discuss Brackets.




The brackets describe all forms of brackets. It includes square brackets [], angle brackets or chevrons <>, curly brackets {}, and parentheses (). However, especially in American use, it more usually refers to square brackets.


Moreover, we can also use brackets when we have to add something more information to the statement. For example, “I appreciate it [the present], but I am sorry that I am unable to take it”. 


In addition, we use brackets in mathematics as well. Such as in formulas for intervals, commutators, matrices, the floor function, etc. For instance, “Suhana knows the recipe to make the scrumptious, [adobo] Filipino meat dish.”


Key Points To Remember


  • Parentheses are a variety of brackets. Brackets are tall punctuation symbols. They are generally used in pairs to separate texts within a phrase.
  • Brackets refer to the box-type brackets. Whereas parentheses refer to a distinct form of punctuation mark.
  • Moreover, to enclose parentheses items, we use brackets. On the other hand, to enclose the words, numbers, phrases, sentences, symbols, etc, we use parentheses.

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Math Parentheses vs Brackets: Key Points Of Differences




Parentheses: ()


Brackets: [ ]


Interval Notation


Parentheses: To represent the point it is not included.


Brackets: But to represent that point brackets are included.


Use In Mathematics


Parentheses: To arrange expressions and decide the order in which operations should be performed.


Brackets: For the purpose of enclosing the arguments of functions. Like the range, sin, functions, etc.


In Common English


Parentheses: Especially for separating the secondary material.


Brackets: If someone who is not the original author modifies quoted content.


Use In English


Parentheses: Parenthesis is common in English.


Brackets: On the other hand, brackets are comparatively less common than Parentheses.


Main Difference Between Math Parentheses And Brackets With Examples


As we have learned above, we use brackets and parentheses to enclose words and numbers. Brackets are square-shaped symbols [ ]. Whereas, Parenthesis are the round-shaped symbols (). The uses of both symbols are different in Maths and English.


Moreover, Brackets refer to the symbols generally used in pairs. Brackets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as –


  • Round-Shaped Brackets or Parentheses: ()
  • Curly Brackets or Braces: {}
  • Square-Shaped or Box Brackets: []
  • Angle Brackets: <>


However, now we can say that the square-shaped brackets are known as Brackets. We can use these brackets in mathematics to represent the scope and range of functions using interval notation. We use parentheses when the point is not included in the interval. Whereas, we use brackets when the point is included.


For example, the interval (5, 6] signifies that 5 is omitted and 6 is included.


Moving further, let’s discuss more about parentheses in this argument of Math Parentheses vs Brackets.


In mathematics, we use parentheses for grouping phrases to determine the position in operations. 


Moreover, parentheses are common in ordinary written language. For example, the automobile (taken by Joe) was red in color. We can skip the thing ‘taken by Joe’ since it has no impact on the meaning of the statement. 


In addition, we use parentheses when there’s a question about gender, whether the topic is singular or plural, etc. For example, “He [Deniel] was happy to see his classmate [Jackson]”.


Final Words


However, we have discussed Math Parentheses vs Brackets in the above blog. We have learned the main difference between them. We have provided you with important information about parentheses and brackets. While parentheses are also a kind of brackets. But it is different from other brackets. Therefore, I hope you understand the difference between math parentheses and brackets well. Now, you can use them efficiently and accurately.

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