Planning on renovating your bedroom? Are you in search of some unique designs for the walls? Getting a textured paint design is all you need.

A royal texture paint design for bedroom walls will give your walls a new life and meaning. It will help you give emotions to the walls of your bedroom. If you are renovating your bedroom space, then getting a modern texture paint design will change the whole look of your wall.

Here is what you need to know about the royal texture paint designs for bedroom.

What are Textured Paints? 

modern texture paint designs

Texture paint is composed of coarse particles (plaster, sand, etc.), metal, ribbons, lace, leather, etc., and a binder diluted with water is used to create a rough pattern effect on the wall. Textured paints have become one of the most popular trends in wall painting, as you can create different types of styles on the surface of the wall.

Textured paints are often used as an alternative to wallpapers. However, it does not cover the walls as a wallpaper does, but it can be very helpful in hiding minor flaws on the walls and can be a great solution for uneven surface of the wall.

Using a textured wall in your bedroom may also affect in stimulating couple of senses, which is sight and touch. The sense of sight will be stimulated by seeing the vibrant and vivid color of the paint and the sense of touch will be stimulated by the different textures on the wall.

Features of Textured Paints 

modern texture paint designs

Textured paints are basically water-based paints. They are less toxic as compared to other oil paints. These are the much more preferred products when it comes to modern texture paint designs. Almost all manufacturers claim their products to be “zero volatile organic compounds”.

The textured paints are washable at a range of medium to high which becomes very convenient in many ways. Washability mainly depends on the gloss of the surface. Depending on the manufacturer, some of the gloss can be wiped off and some can be washed. Textured paint is available in packs of 1kg, 5kg and 20kg.

Cost of Textured Paints 

The main thing to determine the cost of painting is to know about the type of paint being used. There are different types of paints, all of which come with their own price range. The cheapest and least durable paints, Distemper, are water-soluble and have a strong odor.

Whereas, Emulsion paints are water or oil based and are the industry standard for painting modern texture paint designs. They are durable and often washable, some of which are antifungal.

Emulsion paint prices may vary widely based on many types of finishes, including matte, glossy, pearl, etc. Texture paints are the most expensive among all the rest as it is mainly used to accent walls and give the wall heightened stimulation. The royal texture paint designs for bedrooms require special foundation preparation, tools, and considerable labor costs.

  • Distemper prices start at Rs. 8 per square foot
  • Emulsion prices start at Rs. 12 per square foot
  • Texture paint prices start at Rs. 80 per square foot

Application of Textured Paints 

  • Textured paints can be easily applied. The textured paint can be applied by using various methods including spray, paint brushes and paint roller. When planning to paint the walls of your bedroom, you can also opt for the DIY tricks and try to create a new modern texture paint design.
  • Paints with the label “ready to use” are available in the market and it can be very convenient as it is directly applied to the surface. These types of textured paints may contain sand stone, marble stone, ribbon, lace, leather, mineral aggregate etc.
  • Various tools have also been created to achieve different texture color finishes. These tools include sponges, spatulas, pencils, special brushes and paint rollers.
  • Textured paints can also be applied to old as well as the newly plastered surface.

Different Ways of Applying Royal Texture Paint Designs for Bedroom 

modern texture paint designs

You can use a variety of tools to create specific effects such as crinkles, dapples, weaves, canvas, spatulas, color wash, scraps, sponges, combs, brushes. Textured colors require a lot of effort and technique. Here are a few techniques mentioned below that you can apply to make royal texture paint designs for bedroom.

  • Color Washing
  • Sponging
  • Frottage
  • Dragging
  • Stippling
  • Stamping
  • Stenciling
  • Ragging
  • Special Effect Criss-Cross
  • Special Effect Crinkle
  • Canvas
  • Metallic Dapple
  • Metallic Brushing
  • Metallic Color wash
  • Infinitex Hive


There are many ways you can add style and beauty to the walls of your bedroom. Nowadays, royal texture paint designs for bedrooms are very popular and preferred by many people, as the results are unique and always different.

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