How to play games on android One of the first Android emulators I’d tried in the past few years in order to run Android games using my computer. It’s still one of the best choices to use today and the most recent version that was released just in 2022

Getting started

All you have to do is start downloading and installing Blue stacks on the Bluestacks website to begin using. Bluestacks 5 is based on Android 7.0 Nougat, and it also offers a beta version that runs Android Pie for apps that require newer version of Android. Before you relapse back into shock at how old the standard Android version, bear your eyes on the fact that Bluestacks 5 is contemporary with regard to these types of emulators are concerned. The good thing is that you shouldn’t face problems running the majority of apps and games regardless. If you have change onto the Pie beta version should be enough to solve the issue.

You’ll need to sign in to an account on your Google account, just as you would with the other Android device. You can download applications via Google Play Store. Google Play Store by going to the “My Library” section. But, once you launch Bluestacks on your computer you’ll notice that it places games in the forefront. In the “Game Center” is filled with great suggestions as well as the ability to browse through various genres and collections to discover the most popular games. With Bluestacks 5 the company has games with more than 2 million games.

Bluestacks also created their own MSI Application Player which is an excellent emulator, however it’s similar to the MSI App Player, with a different appearance. The interface is more modern, and you’ll require knowing what games you’ll need to download before downloading. There are some game suggestions and for the most portion, MSI products are showcased rather than.


Unsurprisingly, you’ll find the same features from both emulators. The gaming controls as well as keyboard mappings are extremely customizable and you shouldn’t be able to replicate the PC game experience. The good thing is that the mapping of keyboards is quite good, even without tweaking too often. Built-in modes for shooting as well as MOBA can be a big help for this purpose too.

Multi-instance adds an additional element to Gacha and strategy games, allowing you to use the exact game using multiple accounts. It also lets you play various games on various “instances” in order to prevent confusion. The emulator has the ability to record and screen capture buttons, which are readily accessible.

In terms of settings, Bluetacks and MSI App Player permit you to change the resolution of your display from QHD to Quad HD, and adjust the DPI between 160 and 320. If your device is compatible with it, you may also alter the graphics mode and enable specific computer graphics.


I tried Asphalt 9, Madden NFL Mobile as well as FIFA Mobile on both emulators and had a wonderful time. There were some instances of lag but not enough to cause issues with the game. The emulators loaded quickly, however, launching the game took a bit. But once it was launched it played nearly as fast as it did in my smartphone.

Comparatively with Bluestacks 4, the MSI App Player seemed like it was the more fluid than the other. It was noticeable that games would lag more when played using Bluestacks 4. But, with the most recent Bluestacks 5 version, the emulator performs as well as the MSI App Player, and quicker in some instances particularly with loading times. In both cases, Bluestacks 5 and the MSI App Player are excellent choices for those who want to enjoy Android games from your computer.

Are you looking at games? Here are the top Android games that are available today

Nox Player

Nox Player can be regarded to be an excellent replacement to Bluestacks and has similar capabilities. Similar to Bluestacks, Nox Player also runs Android 7.0 Nougat and lets you download apps and games through Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

Getting started

Just download an emulator on the Nox Player website and install it on your PC to play games on your computer. This Nox Player interface is similar to the one you’d find in the Android tablet, though it’s the interface is quite old. The screen is opened with a few “pre-installed” applications and is equipped by navigational keys (back home, forward and the most the most recent applications) hidden in the corner of the bottom. The Google Play Store in the “Tools” folder. You can download other apps after logging into the details of your Google account.


Its Nox Player isn’t as brimming of features than Bluestacks at least on first glance. It’s got its own multi-instance version but it’s not Multi-drive, in this instance. Keyboard mappings are highly customizable and customizable as well. But, while Bluestacks comes with preloaded profiles but you’ll have to begin all over with Nox. It’s okay since the majority of users would set everything to their preferences However, there’s an learning curve for anyone who is new to the game.

Another aspect in which Nox has a disadvantage is the display resolution , which can be adjusted to a maximum of Full HD. It is also possible to select an option to choose a performance mode, which will determine the amount of graphic processing it will be. movie trending company


The game I tried was Asphalt 9 and Sniper Strike with Nox Player. There were some instances of stutter and lag. The emulator is fast enough to launch however, a game can take an incredibly lengthy time to download. When you play a game it will take some time to start up.

For instance in the beginning of a race on asphalt 9 The slowness was evident. However, it was able to improve quickly and everything ran exactly as it was expected following the initial slowdown. The experience was better for games that weren’t graphically intensive and were slow to load.


Gameloop was originally called Tencent Gaming Buddy was launched as the officially licensed emulator of PUBG Mobile and rummyculture apk download. It’s not easy to understand since PUBG Mobile has been described as the mobile-friendly version of the PC game that was originally played. The former game is available for free. With this emulator, users have the chance to play two of the most popular. There’s plenty more to do using Gameloop in addition.

Getting started

The only thing you have to complete is download and install the emulator. Similar to Bluestacks it’s greeted by the Game Center that houses a number of great games. Naturally, with the organization behind this, PUBG Mobile is showcased. But, there are plenty of FPS, MOBA, and strategy games to play.

The app section offers well-known options such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Youtube and many other apps. However Google Play Store isn’t available Ludo King Mod Apk Download. Google Play Store isn’t easily accessible. You’ll need to go into”My Games” under the “My Games” tab, and then install it using your Google Installer option. The games and apps that downloaded via Play Store Play Store have a “non-Gameloop” tag.


Gameloop has the smallest features among the bunch. There’s no feature for multi-sync or, in actuality the game’s non-cheating mode automatically activated when you start the game. But, the usual features such as taking pictures or recording your gameplay or keyboard mappings are accessible.

The keyboard mapping system is among the easiest to utilize. It is important to note that the default map is nearly impossible to use, at the very least with the first game I tried You’ll need to modify it your own. I like doing this anyway and it was not too significant for me. Everything is in order for PUBG however.


It was fun to play PUBG Mobile and, naturally I also tried Asphalt 9 and Call of Duty Mobile. Let’s begin with the emulator, however. From the four options, Gameloop was the fastest to launch and the game runs fluid when you scroll through the interface. You will see what the system’s minimum requirements are prior to when installing a game so you’ll have an idea of whether your computer is capable of running it.

The performance of gaming is all all over the. Asphalt 9, a “non-Gameloop” game, was almost impossible to play. The game took a lengthy time to download, it was horribly slow, and had many frame drops. The other end in the range was the time I tried Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG.

The games loaded quickly and the game played fluid, with no delays or stutters. It was so smooth in fact I decided to install Call of Duty on Bluestacks to see if the experience was similar. It wasn’t even remotely close.

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