You may join The Planet Adventure on a desert safari in Dubai and discover everything about the desert’s unique customs, traditions, and culture. Our special desert safari tour packages are very cheap, and they were made with a lot of thought into what travelers need and what they usually expect. People from all over the world come to Desert Safari Dubai for vacations, and we know how to give them deals and offers that will make them happy.

Sandboarding, dune bashing, and belly dancing are just a few activities you may enjoy in the desert. This is where the real beauty of the place is, and we have everything you need to enjoy it.

Before booking the package, we will ask you about your needs and expectations, and then we will plan a one-day or a week-long trip to Dubai based on what you want to do in the desert. Feel free to tell us what you want, and we’ll make sure your experience is truly unique. We have a lot of different tours on our site, so look around and click the “book” button on the one that fits your budget, time, and needs!

Tour Overview

At least 30 to 35 minutes of Dune Bashing

It’s fun to ride in a 4×4 over the sand edges and down sand dunes while standing on a board and watching the falconer. Our desert safaris in Dubai include camel rides, and our drivers are experienced in driving across sand dunes. So, brace yourself for an exhilarating burst of excitement.


It is the most exciting and fun thing to do in Dubai. Our desert safari sand boarding service helps you by giving you, sand boards. If you want to snowboard down the desert dune slopes, you’ll slide down on specially made boards to keep your feet firmly in place.

Buffet Dinner

When you go on a desert safari in Dubai, you will have the best buffet dinner. Starters include biryani and rice and dal, sautéed veggies and fattoush salad, macaroni hummus, and vegetable curry. You can also get falafel, samosa, and pasta in the first course. Additionally, grilled meats and pastries are on the menu.

ATV Quad Bike Ride

Make your trip more fun and exciting by going on an ATV Quad Bike Ride. If you want to race with your friends on the dunes, we have desert safari Dubai packages that let you do just that. Even though this is a safe thing to do, our experts make sure that our clients are protected with all the necessary safety measures so that your experience will be great.

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Camel Ride

It will be an adventure you will never forget if you add camel riding to your desert safari trip. Here, camels that have been trained and are very friendly will be waiting for you at the camping site. They will take you on an exciting trip to taste the traditional desert way of life.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

There are a lot of tourists and travelers who choose the Early Morning Desert Safari Dubai to go on. All of the outdoor activities done in the daylight have a very different feel to them. People can enjoy the cold weather on this tour plan. Make sure to look at our packages to see which one is best for you and your family, or have it made to meet your needs to spend a good life with your family.

Evening Desert Safari In Dubai

Dubai Safari is the best thing because you can go at any time of the day. There’s no time or day limit with so many great things to do and events. In terms of different times, the Evening  Dubai Desert Safari is one of our most popular tour packages because it gives tourists a chance to enjoy the desert dunes, beautiful landscape, whistling wind, and more. In addition, our off-road SUVs will make your journey even more enjoyable.

Quad Bike Desert Safari

For people who want to see as much Dubai as possible in the few days they have, this package is for them. You can go Quad Biking in the morning package and do other fun things like sandboarding and more to have a great time riding around.

Hummer Desert Safari Dubai

Looking for a way to see and enjoy the luxurious and sophisticated Dubai way of life? Get our Hummer Desert Safari Package now and have a great time. The people who choose to go with this plan get high-level sophistication, a top-class environment, and VIP treatment from the company. In this package, you get to see more than just a desert safari on your trip to Dubai.

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