A ziyarat tour to Madinah is an extraordinary event in the life of every believer. And that’s why you want it to be the best on all fronts. Let’s begin with the hotels and tips on how to choose from the best hotels in Madinah. Depending on the size of your travel group and your budget, you can find many options in the luxury and semi-luxury category hotels in Madinah. You can look ahead to a comfortable stay and the best amenities if you book a luxury room in one of the top hotels in Madinah. But before you make the final decision, make sure you check out a few things.

Most Important Aspects for Choosing Hotels in Madinah

Located Close to The Mosque

The fundamental purpose of a visit to Madinah is to visit the Mosque of the Holy Prophet. This world-famous Mosque attracts tens of thousands of people from all over the world annually. Make sure you choose a hotel in Madinah that’s located close to the Mosque so that you can visit the holy place conveniently and offer your prayers and worship the Almighty in peace. All the top hotels in Madinah are located at a convenient distance from the Prophet’s Mosque. It lifts the hassle of finding appropriate transportation and the cost of traveling to the Mosque with your family and friends.

Easy To Explore Local Markets and Places of Tourist Importance

The hotel you choose to stay at in Madinah must provide you the opportunity of shopping at the most popular places. You must also be able to explore the city conveniently without having to spend time traveling long distances in the scorching sun. A hotel located in the center of the city and a few minutes drive from the Prince Mohammad Airport can be the perfect choice for your ziyarat tour. 

Get Your Timing Right

Madinah is booming with pilgrims and the holiday crowd during the peak pilgrimage season around October. If you don’t like a crowd and want a more peaceful way of exploring the city and offering your prayers, skip the peak season and plan your trip around January. You can enjoy a more relaxed time amidst a relatively thin crowd. If you prefer visiting Madinah and the Holy Mosque during the peak season, then you must book well in advance. Otherwise, you will have to compromise on everything, making your tour less pleasant than you envisaged.

Check for Facilities for the Specially-Abled

Your group might have pilgrims with special needs, such as the elderly or those who are specially-abled. They may not be able to cope with the facilities and amenities offered to normal, healthy people. Look for a hotel that pays special attention to guests with unique needs. Their hospitality must be extended to such people too. It reflects mature thinking on their part to provide specially designed washrooms, corridors, and other facilities to ensure the convenience and comfort of those who need special care.

Must Be an old establishment

One of the best yardsticks to measure the efficiency of a business is to check its longevity. If they have been around for a long time, attract a good crowd, and are still going strong, you can be sure of their competency. The same yardstick applies to the hotel business too. That’s why make sure you check the number of years the hotel has been running before you make the final call. With competition getting intense with every passing year, only the best can survive. 

If they have survived in this business for more than five to ten years, they can be trusted to serve your needs better than others. Hotels with many years of experience in catering to the pilgrims at Madinah know what their guests need and will proactively serve them so that they can have a wonderful experience throughout their stay. 

Offers In-House Dining

Food is an integral part of our well-being. When we travel to other places, we often have to compromise on the quality and type of food we consume because of various reasons. When you choose the best hotel in Madinah, you can look forward to good service combined with the food of your choice. Most hotels walk that extra distance to make sure their customers get what they want. If they serve you well, they know they can flaunt your genuine five-star reviews on the portal and in advertisements.

Nothing can be more relaxing than having a wholesome, tasty meal of your liking in the best settings after a hard day’s travel. Look for hotels in Madinah that have in-house restaurants. You need not worry about going out again for food after a tiresome day. Just freshen up and walk down to the restaurant to grab your meals or, better still, order room service. 

Choice of Rooms and Amenities

When you shortlist a hotel from the top hotels in Madinah, check if they have different types of rooms to accommodate your large group. The top hotels offer a variety of choices in the form of suites, double rooms, and quadruple rooms. You can choose the right one for your needs and comfort. 

Also, run a detailed check on the various features and amenities offered and whether there are any extra charges or hidden charges. Not all top hotels in Madinah are liberal with the truth. A few of them do not state the facts clearly, leaving room for ambiguity in your bills. Always check with the front office manager about what will be charged and what will be free before you start using these services. 

A trip to the holy land of Madinah and ziyarat sites can be exciting for the whole family. You must make sure it is organized properly so that everyone can have a wonderful experience. It is better to take some time researching and planning the trip in detail, including choosing the top hotel in Madinah, enjoying the journey to the hilt, and coming back with an abundance of blessings from Allah Almighty.

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