Top Maintenance Tips for Better Durability of Intraoral Sensors

By | May 21, 2022

As a dentist, you might be investing in modern tools like dental sensors to upgrade your clinic. After all, these devices can augment patient safety by offering remote monitoring capability.

The emphasis on modern dental equipment is constantly rising. This market is projected to expand at an impressive rate of 7.7% by 2026. As a result, you can now benefit from the presence of various reputed brands offering hi-tech dental scanners and equipment.

Choosing popular brands like carestream dental can be a straightforward process. However, your real challenge is to maintain these sophisticated dental tools.

So, how do you prolong the life of equipment like intraoral sensors?

Read on to note some practical maintenance tips.

Practice Proper Storage Habits

Maintaining a dental clinic can be demanding. First, you need to disinfect delicate equipment. Second, you also have to pay close attention to safe and hygienic storage options.

In the case of intraoral sensors, you need to focus primarily on the storage aspect. Here are points that you should never overlook:

  • Store dental sensors in a separate cabin or compartment
  • Straighten the cord connected with the sensor before storage
  • Do not keep intraoral sensors plugged in after usage
  • Keep these delicate dental items away from direct sunlight

Overall, these storage tips are pretty straightforward, and following them will prevent common malfunctions of intraoral sensors.

Maintenance of Sensor Cables

Intraoral sensors are crucial for capturing radiographic images. The cables carry information from recorded images to the computer in this process.

So, proper care of these cables is crucial to maintaining the sensors. Take a look at some go-to tips for maintaining intraoral sensor cables:

  • Uncoil dental sensor cables in a gentle way
  • Avoid bending the cable while taking a dental X-ray
  • Do not exert any stress on the sensor cable by hanging or crimping
  • Use USB extension cords to prevent unnecessary pulling

Following these tips can keep your sensor cables in a well-maintained state. Consequently, you can offer dental imaging services without any interruption.

Maintaining Dental Intraoral Sensors

Brands like carestream dental can offer durable equipment across Australia. Still, you can increase this durability to a greater extent with simple tips.

Here are different ways to clean and maintain intraoral sensors:

  • Follow the manufacturer guidelines from day one
  • Always use disposable gloves to operate the intraoral sensors
  • Use a physical barrier to cover the sensor during dental imaging
  • Always use a dry disinfected sponge to clean the dental sensor
  • Do not autoclave sensors at the dental clinic

Autoclaving most dental sensors can damage their functioning. Hence, it is better to consult the dealer or manufacturer for a safe sterilisation process.

Remember, intraoral sensors are delicate equipment. So, follow these maintenance tips gently and safely.

Wrapping Up

Modern health equipment like intraoral sensors can be a tad expensive. However, these gadgets offer high convenience and have become necessary to provide the best dental care.

To prolong the life of intraoral sensors, you should focus on proper storage and cleaning tips.

Besides, you need to pay equal attention to the sensor and its cable for optimum maintenance. Consequently, the devices can stand a higher probability of lasting for a longer duration.

These simple tips can help bring out the best performance from hi-tech dental gadgets. After all, offering top-notch orthodontic services is crucial in today’s health sector.

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