How Much RAM Do You Need for Smooth Gaming?

By | January 18, 2023

Whether a novice or a professional gamer, you must have noticed how PlayStations’ graphics and performance drastically differ from your PC games. That’s where the difference between consoles and CPUs lies. Besides the framework, console games have a dedicated GB of RAM. So, sometimes the only solution you may find for computer gaming is the best RAM boosters for PC.

Now, you might wonder that PS5 has 16GB of GDDR6 SDRAM, so is that enough for every standard game? But what if one wants to play graphically demanding games like Kingdom Come Deliverance or games like League of Legends on their PC? This article will walk you through the connection between RAM and gaming, along with answering how much RAM you need. 

What is the connection between RAM and Gaming?

Your computer’s Random Access Memory, or RAM, is where data and programs are kept while processing. Choose a game. Even though your game is present on a hard drive, it is inefficient and slows to get data from the HDD repeatedly. Because RAM enables quick data access, your PC will relocate the essential game data required to the RAM for faster loading. This is why RAM is necessary.

If you need more RAM, your PC wouldn’t be able to store all of the game’s data, resulting in sluggish frames and a terrible experience. Note that specialized GPUs have their internal RAM, also called vRAM. It differs from system RAM because it solely transports images to your monitor. Therefore, you should increase your virtual memory (vRAM) over your physical memory when playing 4K games to prevent performance issues (vRAM).

The time when 4GB of RAM was necessary for gaming is now long gone. A standard game no longer requires 4GB of RAM, mainly because of numerous updates and developments necessary for software maintenance. Additionally, as RAM kits are becoming less expensive, purchasing more than 4GB makes sense.

Is 4GB RAM Enough for Gaming?

Although these graphs provide compelling evidence that 4GB of RAM is sufficient to run multiple games, it just isn’t worth skimping on this step. Considering the modest extra cost of more RAM and the additional headroom that a wise 8GB minimum investment would obtain, 4GB RAM gaming becomes unnecessary.

Is 8GB RAM Sufficient for gaming?

In a nutshell, 8GB is now considered by many to be the new minimum standard. However, 8GB is regarded as the ideal amount because most modern games function flawlessly at this size. If you are a gamer, your computer should have a minimum of 8GB of RAM that is sufficiently fast. With this amount, you won’t run the danger of having a bad gaming adventure and will have the extra room you require for some games and potential upgrades.

The focus is now primarily on RAM performance with the arrival of the latest Ryzen CPUs, with recommendations for capacity progressively increasing as usual. Even though some games won’t need more than 4GB of RAM, you might as well plan, given how inexpensive RAM is.

Is 16GB of RAM Too Much For Gaming?

The foremost thing to note is that purchasing a 16GB RAM kit has no drawbacks; it is a wise purchase if it is affordable. While a few games state they need a minimum of 16GB, you can frequently run them on 8 GB.

Depending on your build expenses and the system’s power, you might or might not have installed 16GB or more. Adding at least 16GB of RAM is a wise investment for those with incredibly powerful PCs, even though it may not seem essential. You can be confident that the system will last a long time if you use this amount of RAM when building it (till the unavoidable overhaul occurs).

How much RAM is enough?

Technically, your machine shouldn’t have too much RAM unless you bought more RAM than the motherboard can accommodate. As was previously stated, 8GB of RAM is ideal for gaming because most games, if not all, run smoothly at this RAM level. Therefore, it is not a waste of money to buy more than 8GB, but it may take some time before you use it all (depending on what you use your PC for).

In some circumstances, 16GB of RAM or more is advised for gamers. For instance, higher-capacity RAM kits are a great addition for gamers who also stream, record, or even create a video while playing games. In addition, higher RAM capacities, such as 16GB or more, would also be helpful for 3D modelers and video producers.

A sufficient amount of RAM may be needed by apps like Google Chrome to operate everything simultaneously and smoothly. For apps like these, having some extra headroom will increase your chances of staying trouble-free. Therefore, 16GB of RAM will be your best option if you’re a serious player who occasionally streams games. 8GB of fast RAM ought to be sufficient for casual and die-hard gamers who don’t use their computers for outside gaming frequently.

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