Are you tired of unorganized retail shelves and cluttered brand tables in the production area.? Then, there is one solution to make your life easy in the retail market, warehouses, offices, and other corporate places. So, go to order custom bin boxes that are durable and multipurpose. These boxes are used in every industry to organize chaos and clutter. 

What are Custom Bin Boxes?

A bin box is a box that has an open-top and strong wall to hold your fragile or tiny items. Customization offers you to choose custom material, style, size, color, add-on, and printing options as per your desire. Moreover, custom bin boxes are available wholesale if you want in bulk quantity at affordable rates. 

Types of Bin boxes 

There are multiple types of bin boxes; some are mounted, and some have an open top. Plus, these boxes are made from rigid, corrugated cardboard and Kraft according to your budget. Here is the list of some types of custom corrugated bin boxes available in the industry to serve customers. 

  • Open–top bin boxes 
  • Bin boxes with inserts 
  • Bin boxes with a hole 
  • Mounted wall bin boxes 
  • Rectangular bin boxes 
  • Square shaped bin boxes
  • Stackable white and brown bin boxes
  • Corrugated rack bin boxes

It’s time to see the ways that you can pick customized and branded bin boxes to promote your brand. 

Place Brand Logo on Bin Boxes 

Branding means making your products word of mouth and recognizable to your target audiences. In what kind of industry do you deal with and sell your products, but you need to make their presence catchy and easy to unbox. Either you sell tiny products and need durable bin boxes to present your items on market shelves, or you need a bin box to clear your office table chaos. You need branded bin boxes that promote your brand in your office and retail market.

Therefore, you need to place your brand logo that provides your product’s authentication in the pool of rivals. Plus, the logo works like a trademark that ensures how original your products are from duplicators. So, choose a unique logo for custom bin box printing to provide your brand’s identity. So, you can choose a mascot logo, abstract logo, wordmark, combination mark, emblem mark, and pictorial logo as per your brand message. 

Custom Bin Boxes with Brand Name 

The brand name also plays a vital role in memorizing your products and making them the talk of the town. Therefore, you need to print your brand name on your bin boxes that you can use to display your items on retail shelves and hold your stationery on your office table. In addition, choose a unique, catchy, and readable font style for packaging and ask your bin boxes suppliers to print them accurately. 

Go for Catchy Colors for Bin Boxes 

Give life to your bin boxes with catchy colors and pastels. So ask your cardboard bin boxes manufacturers to offer the exact and accurate shade with CMYK and PMS color models. They offer 1-color printing, 2-color printing, 3-color printing, and 4-color printing for bin boxes according to your desire. 

Print Alluring Design Patterns On Your Bin Boxes 

Print catchy designs on your custom heavy-duty bin boxes to make them tempting and spellbinding. Eye-popping bin boxes instantly click the customer’s eyes. Due to this, you can play with intricate lines, 3D effects, floral patterns, symmetrical patterns, and many other themes to make catchy bin boxes for retail shelves and your corporations.

Choose accurate and Custom Size of Bin Boxes

Brands produce different sizes of bin boxes for their customers, so they need packaging according to them. On this subject, you need to pick custom corrugated bin boxes in custom sizes according to the size and quantity of your items. If you place tiny items which have less weight, you can use small bin boxes, but if you want to place heavyweight items, you need robust quality bin boxes for people. 

Pick Eco-friendly and Robust Material 

Want to maximize your sales? Then create some motives that play a positive role in a peaceful environment. For instance, you can promote sustainable corrugated bin packaging boxes to place your items. And you can choose Kraft-made corrugated material for generating bin packaging boxes.

Wrapping Up Things 

The essence of the discussion mentioned above is to explain the ways for branded bin boxes for your brand. So, place a logo, brand name, vivid color, unique designs, accurate sizes, and strong material for your custom bin boxes. All these things highlight your packaging features and make them splendid for your target audiences. Plus, the selection of eco-friendly cardstock helps you to play your role in the green environment. Moreover, you can wholesale cardboard bin boxes at market-leading prices with awesome quality.

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