While sitting at a  Lounge Bars Kolkata, you get innumerable options to drink – from classic lager to bold or funky ale. Beer comes in limitless categories, but you as a drinker should understand your drink better than anyone else.

While tasting beer at any local pub, you might find that every drink is different, and every beer has its unique style. So, understanding this major difference will help you narrow down your favorite beer.

Why is there a difference in beer?

Beer is all about a fermented drink, and the type of yeast used plays a significant role. Beer can be classified into two types depending on the fermenting process – lager or ale. 

While creating ale, it requires top fermentation and has a high tolerance for alcohol. 

Ale has a variety of styles – you can get herbal, citrus and even fruity flavor. Moreover, some may even have a strong and bitter taste. Thus, try every variety of ale before settling for one.

Whereas lagers are usually treated as the entry point for new drinkers. You get Coors, Budweiser, Miller High Life, etc. They are well-made and consistent, and you don’t have to face any challenges with the flavor. 

So, you have to find out which style your tastebuds love. 

How to describe your beer?

You don’t need to attend chemistry classes to describe a beer served at the best brewery in Kolkata. All you need is time and make use of all your senses. You need to notice 4 characteristics – color, aroma, flavor and sensation in the mouth.

Color and bubbles

So, when you see a beer glass, if the malt is darker, then darker would be the color of the beer. It is a perception that opaque beer will taste heavier than a clear one. So, if you see a golden beer, it has lighter malt and roasts. 

Further, if you see bubbles drifting on the beer, it indicates the carbonation level. And, without carbonation, beer is just a disappointment. 

Aroma and Flavour

When beer is poured into a glass, the first thing that hits you is the aroma, a combination of yeast, hops, and malt. 

The smell is imparted by the yeast, which turns either sugary or caramel or spicy after fermentation. Hops are responsible for the unique aroma, and you can distinguish them based on the essential oil. Usually, it provides a citrus and floral smell.

Different varieties and combinations of hops are used to create a unique experience for the drinker. It is generally added at the final stage and leaves an impression for the entire day.

Malts here play the role of a nutty, coffee or even chocolate smell. If you prefer a heavier beer, go for a darker malt otherwise, settle for the lighter one.


Now it’s time to take the first ship and decide whether it is bitter, sweet or perfectly balanced. Beer overridden by a lot of flavors is preferred by none.

Sour beer?

Sour beer has shot up in popularity in the U.S. over the last few years, becoming an enticing beverage to people looking to branch out their beer palates or to those wanting to try something new. Highly tart, sour beers can take on many forms, including Belgian-style Lambic beer, fruity Flanders ale and lemony Berliner Weisse beer. With the addition of fruits like cherry, raspberry or peach, sour beers marry sweet and sour to make beer flavors completely unlike the lagers and IPAs of yore.


So, now that you know your drink very well – order a tall can or maybe a pint and enjoy it with your friends. Beer can never go off the list when you are on vacation. Join The Grid for a flavourful experience.

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