High-mast lighting locations require a highly effective flood light. This 1200W LED high-mast flood light from S-tech features a rugged design and the latest in high-powered LED technology. A patented lens design provides superior light uniformity and true cutoff, allowing the high-mast LED flood light to deliver outstanding light performance and durability for decades. High-mast lighting applications often require a high-mast LED flood light that is energy-efficient and maintenance-free.

Low price

The technical requirements for high mast LED floodlights are increasing with the economy. Most high mast lights consume between 200 and 750 watts. LEDs save 50 to 80 percent of energy compared to their conventional counterparts. These savings can add up to more than $8,000.

To choose a good LED high mast light, consider the manufacturing setup and reputation of the manufacturer. These factors include the quality and capacity of their products and their maintenance systems. The reputation of a manufacturer can also be assessed by the number of positive reviews about their products. Always choose a reputable manufacturer and compare the price. Once you have chosen the best high mast LED flood light, choose one with reasonable prices. However, do not rush to buy the first one you find.

Bright light

High mast LED luminaires usually employ integrated optical control systems to create useful beams and patterns. Total internal reflection optics (TIR) make use of a refractive lens within the reflector to control the entire initial distribution of light emitted from LEDs. Injection-molded polycarbonate lenses provide precise light direction, and glass refractors improve uniformity and distribution. These high mast LED lights are energy-efficient and can last up to 80,000 hours.

For high mast installations, LED floodlights can be equipped with multiple LED modules. Each LED module has its own thermal management circuit, which means that if one fails, it will not affect other modules. High mast LED floodlights are also equipped with a lightning protection system, which features a 1.5-meter lightning rod and a grounding wire on the top of the lamp. As LED technology and the economic progress, the technical demands for high mast LED flood lights continue to rise.


The energy-saving high mast LED flood light is a highly effective lighting solution. They are highly effective in providing safety, illumination, and reduced energy consumption. Energy-saving high mast lights are also ideal for large areas where visibility is essential. The light’s professional lens and cobra-head design ensure that it can provide safeguarding at large distances and has a 140lm/W efficacy. Moreover, this light is dust and waterproof, making it suitable for many environments.

These energy-saving high mast LED flood lights have been proven to have a high lifespan of 28 years compared to traditional halogen and metal halide lighting. Their life span is also impressive, with a warranty of at least 10 years based on six to seven hours of operation. Their optics reduce light attenuation while increasing light concentration. LED high mast lighting is a great choice for these harsh environments because they are designed to be highly effective and low-maintenance.


LEDs are a more energy-efficient option when it comes to high mast lights. These lights produce light at a slower rate than HID lamps, and their lifespan is up to 100,000 hours. These benefits allow users to get the most value from their lighting system while lowering the costs of maintaining high mast luminaries. High mast LED flood lights can be installed in many locations and can be easily moved to cover a wide area.

The installation process for high mast LED flood lights should be done with care and attention. High mast LED lights are a great alternative to 250-watt metal halide lights. These lights feature nine CREE LEDs and PMMA high-purity optics for exceptional light quality. They can withstand rough conditions in outdoor work environments. This makes them perfect for sports complexes and construction sites. You can find these lights at retail stores and online.


The first thing to consider when choosing a high mast LED flood light is the lifespan of the lighting fixtures. The average lifetime of a metal halide high mast light is 50 to 150 years, which means that they need frequent replacement or repair. LED lights have a lifespan of over 80000 hours, which means that they will keep working for more than 43 years when used for five hours a day. In addition to providing longevity, LEDs are also cheaper to maintain than their counterparts.

LED high mast lighting pole assemblies must be inspected and serviced regularly. The maintenance of high mast lighting is the responsibility of the city or its agent. The district must make sure that the city’s agent completes the work on time, and must keep the original “as built” plans and submittals. If the city is not capable of handling high mast lighting, TRF can provide help with construction videos and other materials necessary for proper maintenance.

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