On April 17, 2018, a horrible tragedy occurred on Southwest Airlines Flights 1380. Nevertheless, the Best-Loved Airline’s culture guaranteed that its image was not tarnished. It was a CBS News interview that ascribed their achievement in successfully landing the 1380 aircraft to the common ideals of all of the crew members.



Amidst widespread disdain for the airline industry, it’s refreshing to see Southwest Airlines Flights putting its money where its mouth is and living its beliefs. Company co-founder and Chairman Emeritus Herb Kelleher aptly described the company’s entire philosophy when he said:


“The business of business is people.” Employees come first, even though the organization recognizes and respects everyone who contributes to its success – customers, suppliers/vendors, and shareholders.


Treating staff well leads to pleased customers, which in turn leads to financial success for Southwest Airlines Flights. Among the company’s impressive business figures are the results of this formula:


  • 4% voluntary turnover
  • 44 years of profitability with the lowest possible amount of complaints from clients
  • Southwest Airlines has 85% of its workers saying they are pleased to work there.
  • There will never be any layoffs or furloughs.

Who Else In The United States Has Achieved These Kinds Of Results?

Southwest Airlines Flight Attendants Culture Connection in Dallas in December 2017 was an honor. In my opinion, Southwest Airlines Flight Attendants is doing its customers a great service by providing this twice-yearly “look beneath the covers” into their working culture.


Zappos and Disney, on the other hand, charge admission fees for comparable events they hold.

From Southwest’s Culture Connection Day, these are five things I’ve learned:

Change the way you think.

Southwest Airlines Flights has been around for more than half a century and has never had a set of principles that everyone agrees on. Ten years ago, the company’s management decided to codify its workplace culture by defining six ideals it wanted to uphold.


They’ve set up a Culture Services division whose goal is to keep the company’s core values, its workers, and its commitment to “low cost” front of mind. “Culture Blitzes,” in which a Culture Services team visits an airport and touches every Southwest employee there with food and fun, is one method they remind workers of the culture. The crew even cleans the aircraft for the use of the crew in charge of flight operations.


Provide Tools To All “Leaders,” Regardless Of Status.

We noticed a video of a luggage carrier entertaining passengers with a ukulele when he has a free minute at the Culture Connection event. When listening to a ukulele, “no one can frown.”


It is recommended for leaders to be aware of the needs of their colleagues outside of the office, and they are given the ability to spend money caring for associates in methods such as sending flowers after a funeral and delivering Southwest Promo Codes for branded baby things to an employee’s infants.


Encourage And Reward Your Staff.


This is just one of the thousands of compliments Southwest Airlines Flights gets each month! Peer-to-peer appreciation is another method via which the organization fosters employee recognition. Employees may then use these “points” to buy products from a company-provided catalog.


Create A Physical Environment That Reinforces A Culture.


A new “cultural center” concept has been implemented on each of the company’s floors in Dallas, Texas, the company’s headquarters. There are conference spaces, coffee, and kitchen facilities, as well as a lot of color, photographs, and flare to reflect each center’s focus on a different business value.



Other organizations can learn a lot from the culture at Southwest Airlines Flights. Airline performance shows that strong and dynamic corporate cultures that put people first are critical to the success of a business. Let us all learn from our mistakes. The greatest way to improve yourself is to study under the best!

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