4 steps defaulting on your 50 Lakh Home Loan EMI

By | June 13, 2023

When compared to other financial goals like buying a car, saving for your child’s higher education, and increasing your retirement corpus, owning a home is probably the biggest life goal and requires the highest level of long-term financial commitment in most people’s lives. Indian bank home loan EMIs frequently eat up a sizable portion of most people’s financial lives and productive work years because of higher loan amounts and longer loan terms. Though unforeseen expenses, lost wages, or other financial calamities can occur at any time in life, it might be difficult to make mortgage payments in such difficult economic times.

Given that consistently missing mortgage payments can lead to loan default, home loan borrowers can use a variety of strategies to manage their 50 Lakh Home Loan EMI repayments while navigating life’s financial challenges.

Knowing your options is crucial for preventing home loan EMI default. You can manage your home loan EMIs while keeping your financial situation stable by using the following advice:

Any fixed-income investments that aren’t intended to help you meet important financial goals should be redeemed

One of the first and most crucial steps indian bank home loan borrowers can take when having trouble paying their EMIs is to locate fixed-income investments in recurring deposits, debt funds, or fixed deposits that are not designated for any significant financial goals. Typically, the long-term returns from other asset classes, especially equities, outperform the returns from these fixed-income investments. The interest earned from such investments typically tends to be significantly less when compared to home loans and even the least expensive loan options offered by lenders. If you are having trouble making your home loan EMI payments, selling your low-yielding fixed-income investments can therefore help you avoid going into default on your loan.

Request a tenure extension from the lender that issued your current loan

The ability of a borrower to repay the existing 50 Lakh Home Loan EMI is frequently hampered by factors like a decline in monthly income or an increase in the EMI of an existing loan as the loan reset date approaches due to an increase in lending rates. In these circumstances, the borrower can request that the lender extend the indian bank home loan term because a longer loan term would result in a lower monthly payment for the home loan, which could help the borrower in repaying the lower EMI amount and preventing a possible loan default. Borrowers can try to prepay the loan whenever they have extra money to do so in order to reduce the overall interest expense, even though doing so would result in a higher interest payment if the loan’s term were extended.

To pay the 50 Lakh Home Loan EMI, use your emergency savings instead of defaulting

Establishing and maintaining an adequate emergency fund that is at least six times your monthly recurring and obligatory expenses, such as rent, SIPs, and loan EMIs, is essential for handling monetary emergencies. Due to the unpredictable nature of life events like a sudden job loss or serious illness, this fund is essential. A borrower’s ability to make payments may be impacted by any such unanticipated financial emergency, which could lead to the failure of ongoing 50 Lakh Home Loan EMI as well. If you had a sizable emergency fund, you would undoubtedly be protected from such situations. Anytime you are having trouble making loan payments because of a financial emergency, think about using your emergency fund to pay off your home loan EMIs. This will assist you in avoiding racking up late fees and potential damage to your credit score resulting from missed or delayed payments.

To get a lower interest rate on your loan and thus a lower EMI, switch lender

If a homeowner is having trouble making their monthly indian bank home loan payments, they should look into the possibility of moving their balance to a different lender. Before choosing a lender, it is a good idea to compare them based on a number of criteria, including home loan interest rates, tenure, processing costs, etc. Choose the lender with the friendliest loan service conditions and lowest interest rate. Your home loan EMIs would be reduced as a result, and you could afford to pay the reduced EMIs. In the event that you choose to transfer your balance, be aware that the new lender may treat your request as a fresh loan application and charge fees like a processing fee as a result. Therefore, you should always verify that a balance transfer will result in overall interest expense savings and that the drawbacks won’t ultimately outweigh the advantages.

In conclusion, home loans frequently open doors for us to live out our dreams of home ownership. Due to the gradual increase in the number of loans available, many people are now required to pay off a mortgage, a car loan, and other loans at the same time or at various points throughout their working years. In order to get the best deal for the property and the loan, the process of getting a indian bank home loan requires exercising due diligence at various decision points, from choosing the location of the property to choosing a suitable lender. And if you run into a problem or a setback during one of these steps, it might make it more difficult for you to buy a house. In addition, a lot of mortgage lenders now provide a range of customer-focused EMI repayment choices that were especially created to satisfy the various loan repayment needs of various borrowers. Because of this, some borrowers may find it challenging to repay 50 Lakh Home Loan EMI that is not appropriate for them.

Simply put, because home loans are expensive and have repayment terms that can last up to 30 years, it is crucial to understand and abide by the aforementioned advice. If this happens, the lenders could, at worst, use their legal authority to foreclose on the borrower’s property and take it.

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