Every school suggests parents start their child’s education in a Montessori environment. There are many good reasons behind this structured curriculum. Montessori school is a well-focused and personalised education system for kids who are taking their first step into the world of education.

A student’s development is more important than a tireless learning method. Grades, exams, or quizzes won’t matter if a child cannot develop mature thoughts or adapt to society.

Montessori School precisely does what a child requires. They help a student perform better, and their basic skills and behaviour outmatch any traditional student. Students develop a much higher sense of fairness and emotionally feel positive.

History of Montessori Education

Dr. Maria Montessori (Italian physician, educator, and innovator) is the brain behind the development of Montessori Education, the first woman in Italy to obtain a degree in Medicine.

She opened the first children’s school in Rome on January 6, 1907, and designed materials and activities to promote the love for learning in students. Her scientific observation of children’s development from birth to adulthood helped her to create a child-centric education approach that prepares them for all aspects of life.

This method is now adopted worldwide in all Montessori classrooms.

The Features of Montessori School

As per Dr. Maria Montessori, the early years (birth through age 6) are a critical time where they learn quickly and absorb all the things from their surroundings. By giving them a strong foundation through a Montessori-rich environment, activities and work material will help them to develop their own capabilities.

Here children are given the freedom to choose materials of their interest, they work on those materials for however long they wish to and carry out their own learning.

Teachers observe them and use the sensitive periods as opportunities to introduce lessons. They also use their knowledge of child development and academic outcomes and create customised plans for each child based on unique interests and abilities.

Montessori Education develops students into confident, critical, and creative thinkers and self-directed learners.

What makes Noida School GMP Programme stand out?

GMP Programme is the integration of the Dr. Maria Montessori method with modern methodologies and the latest innovative learning tools which provides unique development and growth opportunities for students.

The 5 Pillars of GMP

Excelerate Programme:-

Here children are provided basic literacy skills such as language, and math through various mediums such as listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in a fun and interactive way.

Multi-faceted Learning

Here teachers aim to keep the individuality of students and nurture students’ inherent personalities and provide them opportunities and guidance to enhance their potential to the maximum.

iPlay Programme

Play is an essential part of Montessori which helps children in physical, social-emotional, and cognitive development. Through play, they learn to express themselves and learn the art of Independence, Cooperation, and Collaboration.

iCare Programme

Here children learn good values which are essential in building a child’s personality and character. Montessori activities involve gardening and tree plantation drives to teach students to help our surroundings and nature.  Charity drives teach young ones to understand the core values like compassion, kindness, and helping people of our society.

Future Ready Programme

NextGen Learning is the need of the hour to set our children for the future and their learning needs of the 21st century. Under this programme, students are provided with Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) knowledge.

Pros of Montessori Education

Top schools in Noida believe that a child’s education becomes more fruitful when they choose their subject to learn.

  1. Children choose a thing only if it interests them. What can be better than starting with if a student finds a subject interesting? Moreover, children of diverse ages and backgrounds participate in various activities in today’s Montessori classrooms. Teachers are only facilitators for the children’s participation in the activities.
  2. Noida School teaches kids to perform activities independently. It is important to understand the value of independence which will help them make the right decisions and seek knowledge by themselves. Moreover, developing a sense of responsibility at an early age is a boon. The Montessori curriculum helps to educate a child about these important elements of life.
  3. The Montessori method involves placing children of various ages in the same classrooms. Most Montessori classrooms are designed to promote peer-to-peer learning rather than individual work. If you have students of different ages in the same classroom, you may see different kinds of progress.

Cons in Montessori Education

Without a doubt, the experience of Montessori School is outstanding for kids. However, there are aspects that may cause issues for a few.

  1. Because of in-depth training, high-quality study materials, and lengthy learning procedures, Montessori education is costlier than the traditional schooling curriculum.
  2. Some might find the Montessori curriculum to be lenient and loose. Montessori schools tend to follow the child’s interest in the study. For this reason, some subjects may get neglected. That is why it is necessary for the teachers to assist the students in maintaining a pace in progress.
  3. Students develop a sense to work independently. However, this can develop entrepreneurial thought within the students, making teamwork and working under rigid decorum tougher.
  4. The open-end curriculum of Montessori study in Noida School may not be comfortable for some students. Few students are more into following routine and feel cosy in traditional learning, which has a more disciplined and structured environment.

Parents watching their kid take their step toward the world of education is an amazing feeling. However, the schooling method depends on the student’s comfort and needs. Parents have to decide carefully about the first step of their child’s education.

The best Noida School provides top-notch Montessori schooling for kids and prepares them well for higher education. The personalised learning facility helps students get a better grip and understand any subject they are interested in. So dive in and choose the best-suited schooling method for your kid.

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