A science-fiction movie can open our minds to a new world and that’s why people like to watch these films. A space-based film makes you curious to know more and more things about a particular thing. The science-fiction movie has always managed big questions for us. The question seems to be what it means to be mortal, what being solitary in the world, and more.

Sometimes there we want to know on this list what space movie came out in 1992 if we are a huge fan of space movies. Well, the list of films includes faithful docudramas, thrillers, and theoretical thinking. All of these films travel the current history of cinema from the 90s to the 20s decades.

1. Hidden Figures:

Hidden Figures is an American biographical space drama film that was directed by Theodore Melfi. In the film, there are three brilliant African-American women at NASA. the brilliant women are Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson. They serve as the brain behind one of the greatest operations in history. The launch of an astronaut into orbit is a stunning achievement. It stored the nation’s confidence and turned around the space race.

2. Apollo 13:

Apollo 13 is an American space drama film. The movie is a largely accurate depiction of the true story. Apollo 13 was directed by the director Ron Howard. This space movie is established on the circumstances of the Apollo 13 lunar task. In the movie, there you will see that according to the plan, the movie characters find everything after leaving the Earth’s orbit. Watch the movie to know its ending story.

3. Gravity:

The space film opens with the investigation of the space. Actually, the movie focuses on two spacemen. If you see the movie plot, there you will see that the movie is about a medical engineer named Dr.Rayan Stone. She is on her first shuttle mission. She has a commander named Matt Kowalsky who helmed his last flight before retirement. The shuttle is destroyed during a disaster.

4. The Martian:

The Martian is one of the best space movies ever. The movie is surefire entertainment from the first to the last. The Martian was directed by Ridley Scott and played by Matt Damon. This space movie is one hell of a fun time. In the movie, there you will see that with only a manager of amount supplies, the standard visitor finds a way to survive on the hostile planet.

5. First Man:

The movie was directed by Damien Chazelle. The first man is an American biographical drama film. The movie is based on the 2005 book First Man. in the movie, there you also see that NASA plans a series that is extremely dangerous just to reach the moon by the end of the decade. In that movie, the movie character Niel Armstrong tried to do his job right and he did not let his crew down. Watch this space movie to know the full movie story.

6. A Space Odyssey:

You can watch this space travel movie. Stanley Kubrick is the movie producer. In this movie, there you will see a striking black structure providing a connection between the past and the future. The movie explores technical creation. The movie explores its opportunities and its risks. However, you just take a look at one of the best-animated horror movies Coraline 2. Coraline 2 is an American animated film with a horror theme.

7. Alien:

If you are a fan of horror films, then here we come up with the best science fiction horror film. Alien is a 1979 space movie. The movie was directed by Ridley Scott. In the film there you will see in deep space, there a crew of a commercial starship is awakened from their cryo-sleep capsules. The crew encounters a nest of eggs inside the alien ship. And the terror begins at that time.

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