The massage chair market is huge. A quick search on Google will show you that there are countless options out there. From basic models to super high-tech and everything in between, there’s a massage chair for every need.

The sheer number of massage chairs available can make it difficult to know where to start. You might feel overwhelmed by all the choices, especially if you’re buying your first massage chair.

Whether you’re shopping for your first massage chair or replacing an old one, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll give you some things to consider before making a purchase.

Your Health Needs

It’s important to consider how you’ll use your massage chair before making a purchase. Your health needs will dictate what features and functions you should look for.

For example, if you want a massage chair that can help improve circulation or reduce the pain of an injury, you’ll need a model that can provide deep-tissue massages. Older chairs tend to use airbags and rollers to provide pressure and movement that feels good on the skin but doesn’t necessarily target specific muscle groups.

Newer models, however, have different settings that allow you to control the intensity of the massage and target specific areas of the body.

You’ll also have to take into account what type of massage chair will suit your body type and size. Some chairs can accommodate taller or shorter people than others even if you’re short on space, it’s best to find a chair that fits your frame well. If possible, try out different models.

Compare Massage Chair prices


The price of massage chairs varies greatly depending on their features. The most expensive chairs have advanced features and better performance than cheaper models. However, this does not mean that cheaper models are inferior.

It all comes down to your budget and personal preferences. You can compare prices online and choose one that fits your budget and offers the features you need.

Heat Therapy

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want a chair that has heat. Heat is good for pain issues and for stress-related issues such as headaches and muscle tension.

The warmth feels great on achy muscles and can release the tension that causes pain. If you have a lower back problem, heat will help relax the muscles in your lower back so that you get more relief from your massage chair session.

Heat is not recommended for certain types of injuries or conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or poor circulation. If in doubt about whether heat would be okay for you to use, talk with your doctor before using it.

Type of Massage Chair

In the quest for a healthier life, you may want to consider adding a massage chair to your home. A good quality massage chair can improve circulation, joint mobility, range of motion, and posture, while also reducing stress and pain. Massage chairs have been shown to hold many health benefits.

Here are some different types of massage chairs and how they can improve your health:

Shiatsu Massage Chair — If you’re looking for a deep tissue massage, this is a good choice. The best Shiatsu massage chair uses rollers that move up and down your back to give you a deeper massage than other types of chairs.

Swedish Massage Chair — This type of chair uses vibration to stimulate different parts of your body. It’s designed to increase flexibility and range of motion by loosening up tight muscles and connective tissues.

Zero Gravity Massage Chair — This is a newer type of chair that is designed to simulate weightlessness. You can adjust the angle so it’s like lying in the air with no pressure on your back or neck.

Zero Gravity Position

In a zero-gravity position, you are completely weightless. This is the same position astronauts use when they launch into space to minimize pressure on their bodies.

Massage chairs have adopted this position as well to provide maximum relaxation and relief from physical stress. Zero gravity chairs position your body in a way that takes most of the pressure off your back and spine. The result is less stress on your hips and joints, and more blood flow through your lower extremities.

Zero Gravity Massage for Health Benefits

Lumbar support: A zero-gravity chair redistributes the weight of your body so that there’s less pressure on your spine and back muscles. This helps alleviate acute lower back pain.

Massage Techniques

The first thing to consider when choosing a massage chair is what kind of massage techniques you prefer.

Massage chairs come with different kinds of massage techniques like kneading, rolling, tapping, shiatsu, and more. Some chairs also offer vibration, air pressure, and heat therapy. Each technique has its own set of benefits; some are good for relaxing muscles while others help in relieving pain and muscle tension.

Choose According to Your Health Needs

Choose a massage according to your health needs, and in most cases, you’ll have no trouble finding something to suit your needs.

If you will prefer the deep, penetrating pressure of shiatsu-style massages, then look for chairs that have rollers with various levels of intensity. Most chairs offer three or four different roller speeds that are designed to match the needs of most users. But if you need more pressure than that, then look for chairs that allow you to adjust the roller speed manually from the control panel.


Choose one that will fit the space you have for it. Most massage chairs are available in small, medium or large sizes. The smaller models are easy to maneuver and store, but they’re narrow enough that they won’t give a full-body massage if you’re lying on your side or back.

The larger models are wider, so they can accommodate a lot of people, but they’re heavy enough to be difficult to move around and store.

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