Day By Day the competition is increasing in the market and most business owners in Seattle are shifting their business from offline to online. Since most customers in Seattle nowadays prefer shopping online over visiting the store. 

So the basic and first step of shifting from an offline business to an online business is to choose a Server from a service provider company. A dedicated server provider company gives many choices of hosting but you choose the best hosting for the website.

Among the Dedicated Server, Shared Server, or VPS Server the best Server for your website is the “Dedicated Server.”

In the starting stage, most businesses choose the Shared Server in Seattle but when their business enhances the shared server resources are not enough so they move to Dedicated Server Seattle. 

A Seattle Dedicated Server gives many types of advantages and features to the website. That is why a Dedicated Server plays an important role in Business Website. 

Here in this article, we will discuss in detail “ how Seattle Dedicated Server plays an important role in Business Website”.

The Glimpse of Seattle Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server In Seattle is a hosting platform that offers cutting-edge and top-of-the-line services. A Seattle Dedicated Server includes a variety of highly scalable and adaptable resources. You’ll get a complete, reliable hosting platform with resources like massive SSD storage, the greatest backup space, data storage space, high security, plenty of bandwidth, and more. The user-friendly services and solid hardware configurations ensure that peak performance is achieved.

Further, business owners also choose the Dedicated Server In Seattle for security purposes. There are many types of businesses that keep Sensitive and confidential data so they require a server that protects their data from hackers and viruses. 

About Serverwala

Serverwala is a trusted and reputed company of data center services that provides a wide range of Services. Serverwala offers its services in 21+ countries. It is a world-renowned and reliable data center service provider that offers a variety of hosting solutions.

Features Of Serverwala’s Seattle Dedicated Server 

  • Host Unlimited Website:

You can host all of your websites on the Serverwala Cheap Dedicated Server Seattle. Websites can be moved from shared hosting, reseller hosting, or virtual private server (VPS) hosting to a dedicated server. 

* Free Server Setup

Serverwala does not charge any additional fee to set up the server. You also have the option to cancel the plan at any moment. You will not be penalized or charged any cancellation fees.

* Customization

With a custom environment, Serverwala gives you the authority to install bespoke programs on your server. You don’t need to be concerned about running large web applications because they work smoothly.

* High Reliability

You obtain great website reliability with Serverwala’s Seattle Dedicated Server because you don’t share any server resources with others. Furthermore, traffic spikes on other websites will not affect yours, and your website will perform better.

* 99.90% Service level Agreement

With its service level agreement, Serverwala ensures Stability and satisfaction. Serverwala claims to have one of the finest uptime guarantees in the market with their dedicated hosting solution.

* Highly responsive team 

Serverwala has a highly responsive team that includes certified and experienced individuals. They are ready to fix server-related issues in a timely manner. Serverwala’s Customer Support Team can be contacted via email, phone, and ticket system 24/7.

How Could You Determine When Your Business Needs a Seattle Dedicated Server?

  • When your website is loading too slowly at this time you require the Best Dedicated Server Seattle. One of the most important advantages of this server is that it loads the pages of the website fastly and this will also improve your SEO. When the website takes more than 3 seconds to load the pages there is more chance that 50% of the users will leave the website and will never come back in the future. 
  • However, as the website expands, it contains thousands of pages, media elements such as video and audio files, hundreds of high-resolution product photos, or advanced features such as developing a website forum. So to efficiently manage it you need the Best Dedicated Server Seattle.

In the future, if your dream is to enhance business with limited space this is not possible so at this time you need a Dedicated Server Seattle.

  • When you are worried about the vulnerability of hackers at this time you require a Cheap Dedicated Server Seattle. A Dedicated Server is protected against any type of malware, Viruses, and DDOS attack. Also, a dedicated server gives an additional security firewall to protect against this. 


A Dedicated Server is essential for every type of business, especially those websites that keep sensitive and confidential data or who receive a lot of traffic spikes. When you Choose A Shared  Server this server is not capable to give more resources, flexibility, scalability, and control over the server this is only possible with the dedicated server. 

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