Today, you may be looking for new activities to keep your children engaged, active, and entertained. We prefer that cooking is the best choice to keep your child active as it’s both fun and educational. Cooking may help to develop their problem solving and increase confidence. Cooking improves diet quality by cheering veggie and fruits addition. It’s necessary to choose age-appropriate recipes that are safe for your child to take forward and may also help your child get excited to prepare healthy food. So, here we describe the 7 best healthy recipes that you can cook with your children. 

Overnight oats

Try out this easy overnight oats recipe with your children. This is an oatmeal dish that you prepare overnight without cooking required. This overnight oats recipe is simple and appropriate for all ages. It saves time. This type of recipe allows kids to be creative. Kids want to try out different nutrient-thick foods like nuts, coconut, berries, and seeds. Depending on their age, they can participate by measuring, pouring, and chopping the ingredients.


Genfo is an Ethiopian food that is well-known as Ga’at Recipe. It is very easy to make. You can easily make this recipe with your children at your own home for breakfast. This simple porridge is made by adding roasted wheat or barley flour to boiling water. Let your kids make a well using a spoon in the center of the genfo ball. Then you need melted butter to add to it. This Ethiopian food is remarkable in its complex carbohydrates. It is low in sugars, protein, and fats.    

Cantaloupe and strawberry yogurt pops

As many children love fruits that’s why cantaloupe and strawberry yogurt pops make a perfect snack for them. Cantaloupe and strawberry both include fiber, vitamins B and C which are important for kids’ growth and development. This easy recipe is appropriate for all ages. Depending on their age, children can easily cut the fruits and dip the fruits in the yogurt. Then slide the fruits onto popsicle sticks. 

Rainbow spring rolls

If your kids dislike vegetables, offer them veggies in fun and exciting ways. This recipe is also easy to make. It may make them more disposed to try other food items. To make spring rolls, translucent rice paper is used to allow colorful ingredients. It provides a visually appealing meal for your children. This food recipe is highly flexible. 

Veggie omelet

Children can learn a lot about cooking while they make omelets. They are packed and customized with nutrients that are necessary for your child’s growth and development. Eggs often boast numerous vitamins and minerals such as iron, choline, and vitamins A and E, all of these are essential for kids’ health. 

Sweet potatoes nachos

Try out this easy recipe with your kids. To make the recipe you need sweet potatoes. First, cut the potatoes into round shapes so they resemble chips. All the potato shapes would be the same size. Then roast the chips until they are crispy. Kids can layer on the top of the cheesy sweet potatoes nachos with cilantro, avocados, green onions, and cream. This food item is high in nutrients. It offers fiber and vitamin C. 

Banana bread

Bananas are the best Mushy food for infants. Many banana bread recipes can leave your kitchen a mess as it requires multiple steps to make. But this one requires just one bowl. It is a kid-friendly and healthy recipe. This recipe is high in fiber, fats, and protein. Surely, it keeps your kids satisfied between meals. There you need dark chocolates and bananas to give the bread a taste of sweetness. Let your kids mush the bananas and measure the ingredients.

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