Your personality becomes attractive when everybody’s organ looks good and works properly. Your height, weight, features, complexion etc., are the essential things that other people judge when they look at you. You need to have a good look to make a good impression on others. Your hair is one of those things that people notice immediately. Hair loss affects your personality because people might judge you or set an opinion about you because of your baldness. People feel embarrassed after hair loss and do not attend gatherings as much as they want. You look old when you lose your hair.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is one of the best techniques for hair transplant. It is the best invention in the hair relocation industry. In the past, people used wigs or hairpieces for hair loss treatment, but now there are a lot of techniques that you can adopt to treat hair loss problems. As it is a sensitive matter so need to go to a hair specialist or professional for the best results. FUE is a best hair transplant in Dubai as it is convenient strategy because it takes only 2 to 3 days for healing, and patients need no time waiting for the results. The medical specialist also gives you instructions about preventive actions and how to care for your hair after a hair transplant.

Does FUE a painful process?

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) uses hair follicles, removes them with thick hairs, and then injects them into areas with thin hair or baldness. The best thing about FUE is that it leaves no scars after treatment and the healing process is also a week. Before starting a procedure, local anesthetics are used, which you experience uncomfortable, but after that, you feel nothing. FUE is painless and invasive hair surgery, and the patient will heal within a few days. Also, the patient can do their daily task after 24 hours as there are prevalent complications associated with FUE.

Hair growth stages after FUE hair transplant

  • The first phase (resting phase with no growth)

All transplanted hair in your head will fall out in the starting month as it is likely predictable, so do not worry about that. In the first week, temporary growth of hair will happen, in later weeks, the hair growth stops, and the hair shaft will eventually fall out. Any hair falling after surgery is only hair shafting. Hair follicles are protected underneath your scalp and are safe after a couple of days post-surgery. The deepest part of the shaft will look like a follicle in the shape of dots. They are not follicles; instead, they remain safe when shedding occurs after surgery. After that, it will go into the resting phase, which will be in the third month, and all hairs will be shed off. Hair will grow automatically after the surgery and cover the head in 7 days in the remaining area.

  • Ugly duckling phase (which is slow growth)

After several months between 3 to 6 months, baby hair starts to grow; the new hair may be thin and curly, just like the rest of body hair. But after some time, they will get more thick and straight. The hair growth time may differ in some areas; the surgery area will likely look patchy.

  • Brushing stage

The person will see clear and noticeable growth with more hair thickness at this stage. The hair growth usually will be 2 cm long and will carry on to become thicker in the future.

  • Ultimate thickening

The proper thickening of hair will occur, and you can style and cut your hair the way you want. Try to avoid razors or other cutting tools in your first transplantation year. You will see the final result in 1.25 years.

Benefits associated with FUE

The survival rate for FUE is 90%, so it is recommended to rely on FUE hair transplant in Dubai for hair loss issues. Every procedure has its benefits. Similarly, there are a lot of benefits associated with FUE hair transplant, such as:

  • Less recovery or healing time
  • No scars after surgery
  • Comfortable procedure
  • Affordable process
  • Natural-looking results

Haircut after a FUE hair transplant

There are a couple of things that you need to trail not too far behind a hair relocate, for example,

  • You can involve scissors for a hairstyle during the first year of the medical procedure. Clippers or trimmers are prescribed to stay away from. You can go for a hair trim the first time after a medical practice, likely following one month. Trimmers and clippers ought to be kept away from the relocated region.
  • You can utilize scissors, clippers, or trimmers for trimming hairs from the donor region, yet cutting hair from the door region following a multi-week of the surgery is best. There are no limitations on trimming hair from the contributor region.
  • It is enthusiastically prescribed to allow your hair to grow somewhat recently of the year after the surgery to see the genuine aftereffects of the hair relocate.

Take away

FUE is the latest advancement in the hair restoration industry. People use these techniques because they want their hair back as it improves their personality. FUE Hair transplant in Dubai offers you their best practices and hair treatment for your hair loss. They give the proper consultation to you about your hair loss reasons, how to improve your candidacy for hair treatment and what to follow before and after hair loss. So it is recommended to go for a best hair transplant in Dubai to get 100% successful results.

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