Never forget a falconry and wildlife safari tour of the Dubai Desert Reserve. “On this trip in desert Safari Dubai, you will learn about falconry and get a chance to fly birds of prey, like falcons, hawks, and desert eagle owls. An incredible landscape of dunes and wildlife, such as gazelles and the Arabian Oryx, will also be seen on your trip.

One of the most fascinating and memorable things I did in Dubai went on a guided tour through the Dubai desert (the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve). We went on a desert safari, saw wildlife, learned about falconry, and saw the interactive bird of prey demonstrations.

Lunch and camel rides were also part of the tour. It feels like you’ve been in the desert for days when you’re done because of how many things you see and do.

Adventure Planet let me see the desert in a way I had never thought possible before! During our wildlife drive in a vintage Land Rover through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, I saw beautiful sand dunes and wildlife. Finally, I had a great time playing with birds of prey (falcons, hawks, and desert eagle owls) trained by experts.

Falconry and Wildlife Safari

Adventure Planet has a lot of different types of tours. All of them are high-quality. When we went on one of their less-expensive tours, it felt worth the money. We went on the Heritage Falconry and Wildlife Safari. All of the photos in this article are from this tour. The tour lasts about five hours. It costs around $150 per person, which is an amazing deal for the amount of work involved.

After about 5 hours, it feels like a long time. How many things there are to do in just 5 hours and how rich the experience is!

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Interactive Demonstrations of Birds of Prey

The best part of this trip was the interactive demonstrations of birds of prey, like falcons, hawks, and owls. As a guide, we could fly all three types of birds on our own.

1. Falconry

The tour teaches you about falconry (a process of hunting wild animals in their natural habitat using a trained bird of prey – the falcon).

In Dubai, falconry has been around for more than 2,000 years. So many things about falconry techniques and traditions came to me when I tried them out in real life. It wasn’t private because we took a tour in a shared car. We did all of the things together with other people. However, the group was small, so each person had a lot of chances to meet each bird of prey.

2. Hawks

We also got to fly hawks and look at these beautiful birds in person.

3. Desert eagle owls

Desert eagle owls were one of the most memorable things I’ve done. Beautiful: This bird of prey has bright orange eyes and a dark rim around its beautiful face.

Breakfast in a Bedouin camp

Breakfast was amazing, and then we got to meet the birds of prey in a Bedouin-style camp.

Camels Ride

After that, you can go on a camel ride or look at these beautiful animals in their natural habitat, the desert, and enjoy them.

Wildlife drive

The last thing on tour is to drive through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve in vintage Land Rovers and see wildlife. This is a great way to see the beauty of the desert and the landscape of sand dunes.

Tourists are able to see native animals like Arabian gazelles and the Arabian Oryx, which is a type of antelope.

Travelers go on a desert safari and do falconry in the Dubai desert. It’s an unforgettable experience.

The trip is called the Heritage Falconry and Wildlife Safari, and it cost only $150 per person to go on it! Travelers go on a desert safari with Adventure Planet, an eco-friendly company in Dubai.

If you want to go on one of their cheaper tours, this is it (Adventure Planet has many more options on their site). In the photos, you can see that even though it was one of their less expensive tours, which cost $150 per person, it is still an awe-inspiring experience. That is an excellent! Next time, you would like to go on an overnight tour. If You Are Interested Then Must Visit Website

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