Top Benefits of Buying KENT RO Purifier System

By | April 14, 2022

A Kent RO water purifier is an essential appliance for every household. No other water purification system guarantees safe drinking water as a Kent RO water purifier does. Here’s a guide to why Kent RO systems are a must-have for your house and why you should bring one home today at the best water purifier price.

If you are concerned about the water purifier prices in India, we can tell you that you cannot put a price on the health and well-being of your family. Most Indian cities and towns have municipal water unfit for consumption. Drinking untreated water is likely to lead to a host of serious water-borne diseases and other problems. Therefore, it is imperative to install a Kent RO water purifier at home so that your family gets clean, hygienic water all the time.

A Kent RO water purifier ensures safe drinking water by removing pathogens that can cause water-borne diseases like cholera, diarrhoea, jaundice, and dysentery. These diseases are almost endemic in regions that depend on tap water for their daily needs.

Here are a few benefits of buying a Kent RO water purifier online at the best water purifier price:

1. Removes heavy metals and insecticides

Kent RO water purifiers use special filtration technologies to remove heavy metals, arsenic, fluorides, and other toxic impurities from your drinking water. Prolonged consumption of water laden with heavy metals can lead to serious toxicity. Increased use of pesticides and insecticides has contaminated groundwater as well as river water. When this water is supplied to your tap, the outcome cannot be pleasant. Multiple purification technologies such as RO/UV/ UF result in safe drinking water that retains all its essential minerals.

2. Prevents diseases

Kent RO systems eliminate all disease-causing microbes present in your tap water. These germs could be bacteria, fungi or viruses and could lead to several fatal diseases. Outbreaks of water-borne diseases are common in summer, and using a Kent RO water purifier at home is the only way to keep your family safe from them. Rusted pipes and drainage systems also contribute to the contamination. Using a Best Kent RO water purifier is the surest way of eliminating these impurities from the water you consume at home.

3. Easy to use

Kent RO water purifiers use a multi-layered purification system to make water safe for drinking and cooking. Apart from RO/UV/UF technologies, there is also a TDS control feature. You can monitor the progress of the purification process on a digital display. Using a Kent RO water purifier ensures zero water wastage, which is great for the environment.

4. RO Membrane 

All Kent RO water purifiers are fitted with a Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane. This membrane plays a key role in filtering your drinking water since it effectively removes harmful salts and other impurities while retaining the beneficial components of water.

5. TDS control system

The patented TDS Controller is a device fitted inside Kent RO water purifiers. This controls your drinking water’s TDS (Total Dissolved Solid) level. It is important to note that the TDS control system does not filter out essential minerals from your drinking water.

Here is a list of Kent RO systems you can buy today at the best water purifier price:

1. Kent Pride RO + UF – Rs. 14,800

This is an 8-litre fully automatic Kent RO water purifier with a patented TDS control system. It has a spin-welded RO membrane housing that prevents tampering and push-fit components to prevent leaks.

2. Kent Ace Plus RO – Rs. 17,999

This is a 7-litre electric Kent RO water purifier with RO technology. It also has a film composite membrane that ensures that your drinking water is not contaminated.

3. Kent Pearl – Rs. 16,799

This is an 8-litre Kent RO water purifier with RO + UV technology. It has a filter that detects and segregates sediment, activated carbon, UF and post-carbon. It also has a detachable storage tank.

4. Kent Prime – Rs. 15,900

This is a 9-litre Kent RO water purifier with an RO membrane and a UF membrane, along with a patented TDS control system. It has an auto-start feature, an overflow protection feature, and a carbon block filter.

5. Kent Wonder – Rs. 12,990

This is a 7-litre Kent RO water purifier that can filter out sediment. It comes with activated carbon and UF technology. It also has a RO membrane and a UF membrane, along with a detachable storage tank.

Buying a Kent RO or kent ro non electric water purifier is the best decision you can take to keep yourself and your family healthy. The features you will find in a Kent RO water purifier ensure that you and your family have constant access to safe, hygienic, and tasty drinking water. Kent RO water purifiers are equipped with the latest technology and features, are easy to use, and do not waste precious water. Go through this guide if you want to know more about Kent RO systems and buy one at the best water purifier price. 

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