Following a heavy rainfall, every house owner fears of getting a damaged roof which may cause water leakage and other problems. If your roof is leaking and you are not able to find the apparent damage on the roof, it may mean that you need to repair the leaking spot from the inside. 

It might take a powerful roofer in Edinburgh to correctly and timely detect the problem and start working on the amends. However, if the job does not seem like much and just needs a few fixes, you can do it on your own.  

Here are some suggested guidelines that will help you get an idea about how to fix leaking roofs from the inside. 

How to Find Roof Leaks? 

The first and foremost thing is roof leakage repairs is to find the correct spot where the roof is leaking from. You cannot repair a leakage if you are not sure where the problem is. For this to work properly, you need to go to the attic and look for signs of water damage. 

You may need to remove insulation from some parts of the roof which will provide you with a better view of the condition your roof is in. Once you have found the source of leakage on the roof, it is now the time to find where the attic floor is leaking from.  

However, this can be harder to find and may require you to consult with a professional for ideas on intelligent roof repairs Edinburgh. 

Divert the Water 

Even if you find the leak on the roof as well as on the ceiling, you need to divert the water so that you can start the repairs. You can start by making the hole temporarily closed with the help of some tape or nail. This will allow you to make a new different path for the water to escape. 

You can put a bucket to collect the water directly that is coming from the roof. Make sure to empty the bucket frequently and once the surface has dried, you can proceed with the process of patching.  

Remove the Standing Water 

To remove the excess water from the attic area you can use a bucket and sponges to absorb the water and clean the area before you can make patches to the roof and ceiling. Removing the accumulated water will give you a better view as well as better understanding of the damage that is caused and how much work it will require. At this stage, you may want to consult or hire roofing experts from Edinburgh. 

Make a Patch  

After you have found the leak, removed the water and dried the space, it is now time for making a temporary patch to the spot of leakage. For the roof, you can add a plywood or an extra shingle to make things easier while for the attic floor rubbers from some old tire or shoe. 

This only may work as a temporary solution until the rain has ended and you can call in roofers in Edinburgh for thorough inspection and repairs. 

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