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The BA (Hons) in Film Making & Digital Marketing is one of the best undergraduate programs offered by Jain University, Kochi. Students can gain a thorough understanding of film elements such as plot, script, special effects, and score. As part of the program, students can also study Film Art & Design, Film Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Sound Design, and Production Design. Students learn scriptwriting, cinematography, direction, editing, sound, and production design, among other things.

Digital Marketing in the World of Filmmaking

Unlike any other kind of art, films have a stronger impact on human mental consciousness. As a result, we can notice that filmmaking is more about envisioning and watching. Today, filmmaking encompasses more than simply the screenplay or story; it includes a slew of additional elements. Whether it’s offline or online marketing for the film industry, successful film promotion is all about marketing methods. The film industry is always on the lookout for fresh and innovative marketing tactics to help promote a film and reach a broad audience.

As part of their curriculum, film schools and film promotions offer a peep into digital marketing. Digital marketing is proving to be an effective approach in the film industry for engaging the audience and establishing a strong personal relationship. The most major benefit of using this medium is that the effectiveness of the plan can be easily analyzed using performance-related metrics. This allows the marketing team to make more educated decisions about future efforts, resulting in lower costs and higher campaign effectiveness.

5 Reasons to Study Filmmaking for a Bright Career Future

A career in filmmaking can be beneficial in a variety of ways aside from sharing your creativity and telling stories to the world. Let us look at the top ten reasons why you should study filmmaking for a successful career:

  • A Great Opportunities to explore your Creativity:

    Studying filmmaking and its complexities gives you a way to express yourself creatively. A prosperous profession can be had by combining creativity with sophisticated knowledge and filmmaking skills. It also allows you to test the limits of your imagination while also teaching you how to stretch it even further.

  • Acquire Distinct Skills:

    Studying filmmaking allows you to develop a diverse set of skills and we can apply those skills to a variety of fields other than filmmaking.It provides you with skills such as project management, excellent communication skills, leadership abilities, time management, problem-solving and analytical abilities, and so on, which apply to a wide range of jobs.

  • Professional Contact with like-minded filmmakers:

    Making films allows you to build a strong network of industry experts and film enthusiasts. This is an excellent opportunity to learn a great deal about the craft from experts and gain new perspectives on filmmaking. It also allows for mutual development and advancement in the workplace.

  • Get to learn something new each day:

    The entertainment industry’s technological improvements, notably in filmmaking, have had a tremendous impact. There is a range of different filmmaking techniques that we can be teach and utilize as technology advances. With the rapid advancement of cinema and filmmaking, there is always something new to learn in this field.

  • Get to discover cinema with a fresh perspective:

    Understanding the nuances of cinema is one thing, but enjoying it is another. The former can be done by anyone, but understanding the nuances of cinema and appreciating it in its true sense requires a professional trained in filmmaking. Your filmmaking training will help you understand the creative process of any film and provide you with a new perspective on its beauty.

Scopes for the Filmmaking & Digital Marketing

  • Youtube

    A platform for Film Marketing: Film producers are always looking for new ways to promote their films so that they do well at the box office. Video promotion is the most effective method of digital marketing in the film industry. YouTube is the most effective platform for implementing a Social Media Strategy for the Film Industry. A YouTube campaign is a low-cost way to promote the film to a specific audience. Movie trailers, press conferences with the actors, and video games based on the screenplay of the film can hold the audience’s attention and help the new release gain exposure.

  • Facebook & other Social Media Platform

    A platform for movie campaigns: Movie studios have taken movie promotion to an entirely new level. Not only has YouTube become “The” thing, but so have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Social media campaigns for the film industry aid in the engagement of the audience with the film and the creation of excitement around it before its release. There is no restriction on Movie promotion on social media platforms to digital marketing gurus; movie stars also use these channels to engage with their fans. Fans follow celebrities, making it easier for them to interact with them during the filming process or by revealing their looks and clothing, which is a good method to pique their interest.

  • Digital Career in Film marketing –

    Jobs in digital marketing have impacted practically every industry, including the film business. If you’re a digital marketer looking to break into the film industry, there are various options available to you. The movie promotion begins only a few weeks before the release date, as the marketer’s goal is to make a big effect in a short amount of time. This is something that social media marketers can help with. Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms, used by the film industry to upload and share movie trailers and other relevant information.

The Reason that Jain university is one of the best and trusted institutions for the Film Making & Digital Marketing course among students is because of the Jain group of institutions reviewed by the people and alumni.

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