Preparing Your Child for Nursery School Admission

By | April 12, 2022

Children’s fears about preschool, no matter how great or tiny, can have a substantial impact on their experience there. Preschooling and nursery school admission being their first step into the greater world, it needs to be firm and non-regrettable.

Here’s a checklist on how you can ensure that.

Roleplay the idea of preschooling.

Assume the roles of parent, child, and instructor. Saying good-bye to mommy and/or daddy, taking off your coat, singing songs, reading tales, having Circle Time, playing outside, and taking naps are all examples of normal daily rituals. Assure your child that a preschool is a terrific place for her to learn while having fun. Patiently answer her inquiries. This gives youngsters a sense of control, which helps them feel less anxious while attending top CBSE schools in Pune.

Answer questions- Pay attention to your child’s concerns.

While it may be tempting to immediately soothe your child and move on, it is critical to let him know that his concerns have been heard. Tell your youngster that feeling happy, sad, excited, terrified, or anxious is normal. Explain that starting something new might be intimidating and that this is something that many people experience. Sharing a time when you started something new and how you felt can be beneficial. Allowing your child to express her concerns allows you to assist her in figuring out how to deal with them.

Take note of nonverbal cues.

Even though 3-year-olds can talk, they are still unable to properly express how they feel or what they are concerned about. Your youngster might “act out” his anxiety by clinging to you, withdrawing from you, or becoming more violent. Another common reaction when children make a significant step forward is for them to regress in other areas. If your child is entirely potty trained, for example, he may begin to have toileting accidents. Even if he is capable of feeding and dressing, he may need your assistance to prepare him for top CBSE schools in Pune.

Checklist before preschool

  1. Purchase a backpack with your child within the two weeks leading up to the start of preschool. Allow your youngster to make the decision if at all feasible. This provides him with a sense of command and highlights the idea that he is entering preschool as a “big kid.”
  2. In permanent ink, write your child’s name and the teacher’s name on everything—backpacks, jackets, shoes, blankets, teddy bears, and so on.
  3. If your kid takes medication on a daily basis, make an appointment with the preschool’s health professional. For your child to receive medication at school, there will be additional guidelines and documents to fill out.

Make plans to stay for a while.

On the first morning, staying for 15-30 minutes can help with the change. You and your partner can explore the classroom together, meet some other kids, and play with a few toys before confirming nursery school admission. It’s time to depart when you notice your child is at ease. If he’s having trouble becoming engaged, you might want to ask your child’s teacher to stay with him as you say your goodbyes so that he can turn to another caring adult for support when you go.

The reactions of trusted adults in their lives are picked up on by children. So, don’t appear worried or depressed, and don’t stay too long. Say a fast, upbeat goodbye, assuring your child that everything will be well.


Preparing your child for preschool or Nursery Admission is important as their interaction will decide whether they will get admission in their preferred school or not. Unlike earlier times, children of this age are far more self-reliant and emboldened by their newfound freedom. Parents can make this session less terrifying by effectively preparing them in a fun and exciting way.

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