Ideal Gifts To Send To Your Brother And Sister-in-law On Raksha Bandhan


Raksha Bandhan

As a day set aside to honour the relationship between brothers and sisters, Raksha Bandhan is synonymous with brothers and sisters showering each other with gifts as a testament to their bond. If you are staying far away from your brother and sister-in-law in Chennai, it does not mean that you have to skip the occasion. You can however send wishful gifts to express love and happiness for the next best couple in the family. Well, after your mom and dad!

Online gift stores are offering a convenient way to surprise loved ones with perfect gifts on all occasions – without breaking the bank or a sweat. Looking for just the ideal gifts to wow the second-best couple in the world on Raksha Bandhan? Read on as we share ideas to help you send gifts to Chennai online.

Smart gadgets & accessories

In this digital era, there are lots of ways to express love and best wishes to near and dear ones with a plethora of gadgets to stay in touch and work online. This Raksha Bandhan, show your power couple love and support for their careers and endeavours with smart gadgets and accessories.

Smart gadget gift ideas:

Mobile phones and personalised covers, smart chargers, power banks, desk organisers, smart watches, etc.

Home decor gifts

Home is a small paradise, to relax and be safe! Spruce up the home aura for your power couple this Raksha Bandhan with home decor gifts. Whenever they glance over the decor items you gave them, you will always be in their thoughts and wishes.

Decor gift ideas:

Personalised photo frames, figurines, god idols, nameplates, etc.


Jewellery gifts and items play a crucial role in life from enhancing personal beauty and symbolising wealth, and status, to power. Express your deepest feelings and emotions to your brother and sister-in-law this Raksha Bandhan with stunning Zardosi and Lumba rakhis. You can also pair the rakhi charms with jewellery items like personalised wristwatches, necklaces, bracelets, silicone rings, etc.

Plant gifts

All thanks to mother nature! With the help of plants, we can filter the air, decorate spaces, bring positive vibes, and express our deepest feelings and emotions. There is a wide selection of plants with different meanings to liven up any space. Convey love and best wishes to your beloved brother and bhabhi this Raksha Bandhan with a plant gift in personalised pots.

Plant options:

Lucky bamboo, bonsai, jade, air-purifying plants, flowering plants, personalised plants, etc.


From restoring to maintaining the skin and hair, cosmetics products are must-have basics for everyone. What better way to express love and best wishes to your near and dear ones than with gifts that will make them feel and look good.

Assorted snack hamper

One of the best hammocks for camping, they will love this comfy hammock that easily packs down so they can bring it with them just about anywhere. Plus, it fits two people and can hold up to 500 pounds, which means you can lounge with them too!


Clothing gifts have been and will always be among the perfect gifts to give loved ones on many occasions. Let your power couple know how much they mean to you on Raksha Bandhan with traditional clothing items like sarees and kurtas. You can also pair the traditional cloth gesture with personalised couple t-shirts and sun hats.

God Idols

In whatever endeavour we pursue, we always summon the gods to be with us! Let the same be for your beloved brother and sister-in-law this Raksha Bandhan, with god idol gifts. There are many divine gift items that you can present for your power couple from god idol figurines to posters.

Gift card

Gift cards are yet another popular item presented to near and dear ones on special occasions from weddings, and anniversaries, to new year celebrations! Complete the Raksha Bandhan celebrations by penning down a few words of love and appreciation to your power couple. There are many gift card designs that you can incorporate into the rakhi theme like personalised and digital gift cards.

Couple journal combo

Make lasting impressions on your beloved brother and sister-in-law on Raksha Bandhan with a couple journal combo. With the journals, the couple will pen down important information from meetings to plans about the future. You will always be in their hearts and minds whenever they scribble something in those journals.

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