It hardly matters if you own the latest big-ticket SUV, a Cadillac stretch-limo, a first or second-generation muscle car or a vintage hotrod.

American Racing Wheels will have some of the best aftermarket rims for your vehicle, and you can bet on that!

In continuous operation since 1956, this is a brand that is symbolic of the prowess of American technologies when it comes to manufacturing high-grade wheels.

Sure, there are several competitors like AC Forged Wheels which have made some inroads into what was once the exclusive domain of American Racing rims. It is also true that many models of the latter brand are pretty expensive.

But the single biggest reason why people gravitate towards American Racing Wheels is because of the nostalgia factor. Fans know that even though the company is more than 65 years old, its dedication to superior R&D and churning out better products every year has not diminished at all!

Are you on the lookout to buy a set of the newest models of American Racing without even glancing at what other (very reputed) brands like U2 Wheels have to offer?

Check out how Audio City USA of California can assist you.

What’s so special about Audio City USA anyway?

Oh, there are several advantages of purchasing wheels and tires from this retailer!

It is one of California’s oldest existing retail outlets and has operated out of the same premises for more than 3 decades.

Over these years, the establishment has learnt some valuable lessons and honed its skills in dealing with finicky customers. Frankly speaking, people who are into the aftermarket scene & go for AC Forged Wheels, Fuel Wheels, or Giovanni Wheels among others know exactly what they are looking for!

It can be difficult to satisfy them!

Here are some reasons why you can turn to Audio City USA to buy American Racing Wheels and most other prominent brands sold widely around the United States.

An unrivaled inventory:

Decades ago, Audio City USA had realized that the rise of custom-made and aftermarket rims would go up steeply. It has spent many years stocking up on the most desirable rims available for that year, and has renewed its inventory to reflect the latest models of U2 Wheels or Enkai Wheels or any other major brand.

What this has led to is excellent recall value. The establishment has a dedicated clientele which knows that they will always get the latest styles at their favorite outlet! 

Word-of-mouth publicity has always played a major role in engaging even more people who have subsequently become regular customers.

Lowest price guarantee:

Audio City USA sells top brands at extremely attractive rates. You will never find a set of American Racing Wheels at a lower price, no matter where you look. 

Such claims might come across as marketing gimmicks; however, Audio City’s clients have found that this is not mere hyperbole. The retailer has several tie-ups with the manufacturing companies which are bereft of third-party entities, and this helps it offer such attractive discounts.

The next time you are looking for a set of top-shelf AC Forged Wheels or other brands (or a wide range of accessories besides rims), trust only Audio City USA!

Financing options:

One of the principal reasons why potential customers shy away from buying branded wheels is the high price tags they arrive with. The retailer is well aware of this phenomenon and offers several financing solutions. 

Audio City has a partnership with Progressive Leasing, one of the USA’s leading end-to-end financing companies. Leveraging this advantage, you can avail yourself of the retailer’s ‘90-day to early purchase options’, ‘lease-to-own’ programs, and several other programs which will help you purchase a set of high-quality American Racing Wheels.

All these agreements and transactions are 100% safe and fully secure. You will also be instantly informed if you are eligible to avail of the financing plans on offer. There is no delay across the process and it saves your valuable time.

Fastest shipping always assured:

All you need to do is to log on to the official website of Audio City USA (or call 888.814.1158) and choose the set of aftermarket wheels that suits your fancy. The retailer will then securely package your new U2 Wheels, for example, and ensure that they reach you in the shortest span of time possible.

Unfortunately, the Covid pandemic has played havoc with all supply chains. This means that if you book a set of your favorite off-road rims, it might take a bit longer than usual. But you won’t incur any additional charges. Ever

Complete wheel & tire solutions:

Audio City makes it extra convenient for you as it acts as a one-stop destination for all your requirements. They have a wide range of tires of various sizes available with them besides lugs and locks which are offered for free each time you order a set of rims and tires from their facility. 

The wheels that’ll reach you will be absolutely ready for installation. No questions asked!

Their customer care and post-purchase follow up are also reasons why you can turn to them the next time you plan to buy the latest American Racing Wheels!

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