Educational websites and online courses are peaking right now. Especially with the number of facilities and online school ERP provides students face little to no difficulty adjusting to hybrid classrooms. However, your course needs more than basic enterprise resource management software to improve its interface and website traffic. An education ERP software India has a wide base since our country is focusing on making learning available to the farthest corners of the nation, urban or rural. Let’s jump straight into the strategies that can help your online course grow;

Home page

An immediate way to grow your course of education ERP software India is to improve the features and user interface of your landing page. Students visiting your website should be urged to at least subscribe or register for updates, discounts, and newsletters. Signing up for a course comes later after they have checked out the options on the home page.

Discuss with your team and handle the changes you need to make on your main page. It is the home page that makes a huge difference. Parents and students who feel comfortable and at complete ease while using the features would prefer registering or buying your course.

Create lead magnets

A lead magnet is a data collector that generates information from website visitors and logged-in students to help your e-mail list grow and provide them with relevant content. High-quality videos, blogs, and learning resources should target relevant students to demonstrate what your course offers and how signing up can improve their learning quality. Without leads, your online course cannot be marketed.

Search engine optimization

You might be aware of SEO or search engine optimization tools. Besides the fact that it is cool and trending in the content and marketing world, you need to know about it to increase the traffic to your website. Students search only specific keywords on the Internet. The first few results have the maximum probability of being checked out. You need to ensure your page appears on the first page, if not in the top five names of the search list.  Including relevant keywords throughout your website, on the learning resources home page, blogs, etc guarantees page visibility. The more your page appears, the more traffic it generates.


As per general psychology, making courses available in economical ways is preferred. Every student is not fortunate enough to avail of education at high costs. To keep earning profits in some way, through the website and course purchases, you need to market free courses in such a way that views generate profit and not the purchase prices.

Without damaging a sales volume total earnings is possible only through the marketing of priced courses and free courses to maximize views. However, never compromise on the quality of videos. A quality video urges students to purchase a course rather than attend all free classes. Customer loyalty comes only from customer satisfaction.

Pillar posts

Every educational website should have a blog by default. Blogs have numerous advantages- it is an elaboration of short posts educators make on social media or course websites. Students find blogs useful for gathering information in a friendly and interactive way. When publishing regularly becomes difficult, assign the task to your students. It increases their enthusiasm since being mentioned as the blog writer on a course website is a good enough achievement.  However, you must have a pillar post featured on the first page of your blog list. Mention how the blog can help students with all topics you address and post links on social media websites to generate traffic.

Guest posting

To build an audience you must post in places other than your website. Use your networks, and agree with other professional course providers to guest post for them in exchange for allowing them to post your blogs on their website. For example, an English teacher specializing in literary subjects can guest post on similar websites where students might be interested in the course.

Enterprise resource management is a medium that will make the user experience better, but these growth strategies will not only ensure your need for marketing the course but also the students’ need of maximizing learning. A nation that participates in literary activities is a nation that makes advancements towards both growth and development.

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