It’s well-known with tan, rich in green or blue grand fu enamel. The Girard-Perregaux Laureato 42 mm Eternity Edition continues the heritage of further than 40 years ago and continues to evolve by following nearly the most traditional dial decorating ways.

The Girard-Perregaux Laureato 42 mm Eternity Edition is completely apprehensive as it continues the 42 mm line we saw in former times. The combination of geometric shapes and homestretches is the most recognizable point of the trademark and collection.

The watch case and strap are made in the same 904L power that offers exceptional discrepancy of brushed and polished homestretches. The girard-perregaux laureato along with the specific features are detailed right here.

The case line connects the essence strap to the collectively drafted rudiments in an organic (natural) way. The driver is the same as on the polished finish with GP embossed totem as we see in former models.

 Girard-Perregaux Laureato triadic folding options

 The strap is attached with a drive release button with triadic folding. Wearing is a common pleasure. It is generally used to the full essence strap and especially the Laureato 42 mm and I wear it comfortable and satisfying. The idea is that I’m constantly apprehensive of the timepiece without feeling the weight.

There are two main traditions in dials enameling and gallows 

While Guilloché Laureato has a general presence on the dial ( other than the Perpetuity Edition), it’s nearly simply present as a”Clou de Paris” pattern. For the Eternity Edition, the brand chose the tan format. It looks stunning under the translucent majesty enamel. Light plays a huge part in the way the dial expresses itself.

The shape of tan 

The case is an astral blue or green translucent majesty enamel. Enamel is an admixture of silica, manim, potash and pop which is based on greasepaint and fired several times at about 800 ° C. This form is full of different essence oxides to produce different colors. The dials are made domestically ( using the moxie of Donze Cadrans-one of the stylish). The final result is attained by firing 5 to 10 times until the result is excellent. 

General horology

The high failure rate makes this fashion one of the rarest trades in general horology, precious and largely desirable. But this traditional fashion produces exceptional results and each finished dial is unique-from the way the greasepaint is spread to the way the heat is melted.

The biggest advantage is the finish that will retain its aspect and color ever. Forget for a moment about the beauty of an enamelled guilloché and get back to the Laureato theme. Girard-Perregaux Resort veritably easy to use rhodium plated dial rudiments. 

Manufacturing Caliber GP01800 

Seen under the C- gamble screw fixed caseback, the movement is a idler that’s erected and manufactured indoors. The Caliber GP01800 is well decorated with main plate and ground grounded perlage (indirect greening), Coates de Genیوve (Geneva strips) and polished beveling (chamfering). There’s also gold oil with colorful information with light weight of pink gold. There are so numerous details to enjoy.

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