Hottest NFTs to invest in at the end of 2022

By | October 10, 2022

If you were enthusiastic about the Bored Ape avatars from last year’s NFT boom on social media, you might be interested in what 2022 brings to the table. After such a tough year, NFTs are slowly returning to the market, being posted on social media and praised for their innovative, creative design.

Investing in NFTs might be challenging because no rules tell you if their value will increase or not in the future. You must identify what new trend can become real, so you need to check the history of the asset’s ownership or its uniqueness to determine if you can use it to generate income. So, whenever you want to invest in NFTs, here’s what to consider.

The Kleks Academy

Originating from one of the most famous film series in Poland named The Kleks Academy, the NFT with the same name is a collection that will consist of multidimensional experiences. It will feature six sides with graphics and information that will be released gradually, and each side is unveiled every three months along with the NFT’s benefits. Collecting them will provide a visual ride through the Klecks metaverse powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

The Kleks Academy works on flecke$, which is the utility token used for trading. There will be a certain daily amount of flecke$ released, allowing participants to interact within the metaverse of the Kleks Academy. You’ll also find 3D models and T-shirt files that users can use to print unique NFT characters. Moreover, these tokens can even allow you to meet with the director of the series and benefit from a detailed experience of how this film series changed the lives of three generations.


You may be aware of the known Dogecoin, which has been created as a meme. Still, this coin is relevant in the market and holds power, and its NFT project is to bridge the gap between the coin’s unexplored features by combining multiple concepts of the metaverse and NFT. You can invest in Tamadoge through the pet NFT, which is like a ticket for play-to-earn games, where you will breed, train and battle your Tamadoge NFT with other users to earn tokens. 

Or you can invest in TAMA coins that facilitate transactions. It is one of the best NFTs to invest in at the moment because:

  • Tamadoge has a zero-tax policy on transactions so that the tokens will gain value from the project;
  • The Tamaverse has been audited by Solid Proof, so the project is secure for all users;
  • There is no vesting period for early investors;

You can buy TAMA meme coins in ETH directly from your wallet, so if you’re interested in investing, maybe you want to know more about the Ethereum price. Since it’s the second most popular and known blockchain, its coins can fluctuate (like any other cryptocurrency) due to social media influence and the supply and demand stats so that you’ll know when is the best time to invest in Tamadoge.

Battle Infinity

If you’re also a fan of sports and NFTs, know that the Battle Infinity project is an upcoming NFT-based ecosystem that combines the metaverse with play-to-earn concepts. It has outstanding potential since it sold out just 24 days into the 90-day event due to one of its best features, the IBAT Premier League. This universe represents a fantasy sports league set to roll out during the seventh phase and is similar to the Mobile Premier League platform.

Battle Infinity provides an IBAT Market dedicated to NFTs where players can trade in-game assets and upgrade their avatars while minting their own NFT artwork. The ecosystem also includes an IBAT Battle Swap decentralized exchange and a staking platform used to earn interest on cryptos. This NFT has the following features:

  • Layer 1 protection that ensures players a secure experience;
  • An auto tax fee for every transaction which is used for future ecosystem development;
  • Antibot technology that prevents bots from manipulating the price of the token;
  • Anti-dump innovation that maintains a price floor;

Orsetto Gang

If you’re more passionate about design and art, this NFT project will surely catch your attention. It features 3D NFT artwork based on bears but also provides users with utility. Being another project minted on ETH, the Orsetto Gang will offer full intellectual property and 3.5% of transaction fees as rewards for minting your favorite bear. You can also be part of a network (or gang) where you can participate in plenty of fun events to earn prizes.

This is one of the most innovative NFT projects since it rewards users with shares of the invested projects. It will help the whole community contribute to the project while a DAO does the managing. The Orsetto Gang is to have some merch for real-life enthusiasts, from hoodies to bear figures. The project seems similar to CryptoKitties, but in a better form, where users will experience an improved metaverse.

How to invest in NFTs

Before you start investing, you need to understand the risks of it because you need to maintain your digital wallet since this is a high-risk investment. Still, investing in NFTs allows you to get direct exposure to blockchain technology, so here are some basic steps to investing in NFTs:

  1. Choose the NFT you want to purchase by choosing what looks best;
  2. If you don’t already have a wallet, you need to create a compatible one (since Ether is commonly used in most NFT environments, having an ETH-compatible wallet might be a good choice);
  3. Fund your wallet;
  4. Connect your wallet with the NFT marketplace;
  5. Buy the chosen NFT (you may need to bid for it);
  6. Confirm the transfer, and you’re done! 

Final take

What do you think about the NFTs presented in this article? Are they a hit or not? It’s safe to say that the NFT market is full of opportunities. Still, you must be careful when investing in a certain asset because its popularity may decrease too rapidly. Hence, you need to constantly check NFT trends and be on social media to see what other people are interested in.

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