Nobody can replace a mother at any expense. A mother’s endeavors ought to be perceived and valued each day, regardless of whether it is Mother’s Day.

In India, we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, and this year, the Mother’s Day celebration is on the 8th of May. On this day, we express our love, affection, and gratitude towards them. It is the day when we get the opportunity to thank our moms for everything they do in everyday life. Nobody is as precious as a mom, and no one can outdo what she does for her family and children. 

When Was Mother’s Day First Celebrated?

Mother’s Day was first celebrated in 1908 by Anna Jarvis at her mother’s commemoration in West Virginia, where the International Mother’s Day Shrine is present. Consequently, Mother’s Day is an event celebrated to communicate regard, friendliness, and love towards moms in almost every country. 

How Do People In Different Countries Celebrate Mother’s Day?

On Mother’s day, we all wish to make our mother feel special, and for this, we plan things accordingly. We make extraordinary arrangements to make this day exceptional for them. Some plan a holiday trip with their mothers or a day out at their favorite place, while others try to please them with a splendid mother’s day gift. Let’s look at how different countries celebrate mother’s day. 

In the UK, Mother’s Day is praised on the fourth Saturday of March, celebrating the memory of the Mother Church on Christian Mothering Sunday.

In Greece, Mother’s Day is commended, concurring with the Eastern Orthodox festival of the Presentation of Jesus Christ in the Church.

In UAE, mother’s day is celebrated on the 21st of March, which signifies the Persian new year. It correlates with the time of rebirth and celebrating motherhood. 

What Are The Best Ways To Thank Your Mom On Mother’s Day?

Mother’s day is a celebration of motherhood, maternal bond, and their immense contribution to families and society. Here are a few ideas that you can do to appreciate your mother on Mother’s day. Mothers don’t expect much from their children, only love and care can fill their hearts with pride.

Floral Greetings:

Greet her early in the morning on Mother’s day with fresh and beautiful flowers. If you’re among those who wake up late in the morning, then arrange the early morning delivery with online services like Better Gift Flowers.

Expressing Care & Love:

Take a day off from your work and spend most of the time with your mother. Ask her about her health and have a conversation expressing your care for her. Make her feel that you’re always there for her whenever she needs you.

Cherishing The Best Memories:

Design a handmade greeting card mentioning events and occasions that you’re thankful to your mother. Make a lovely note for her connecting to the precious moments you had with your mother and sorry for the times when you made mistakes. Use your best memories photographed during the best moments you shared together for a collage or a greeting card.

Make Her Feel Special:

Take her out for dinner at her favorite restaurant and order what she loves the most. If possible, arrange something special at the place for her while she’s completely unaware of it. Furthermore, going for a dessert is the best way to wrap up the day.

The place of a mother in every family is irreplaceable. Her hardships and striving for the betterment of every family member are the greatest, and one cannot be compared to anyone. Love, respect and take care of your mother and express your love not just on mother’s day but every day.

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