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In this fast and innovative era, the fashion world has also evolved with a rapid speed. Many different clothing lines, dresses and outfits have been introduced to specify your look that immediately says something about you to others. It can give an idea of your profession, your mood and personality, the gathering you’re going to be part of. Clothes have always been used to show wealth, power and status back in the earliest decades, expressing their resources and convey certain messages too. Wearing good clothes gives confidence, elevates your mood and makes you feel happy and blissful. However, every individual has their own style statement that represents their personality uniquely.  Some prefer to wear plain white maxi combined with bucket hats for women and small heels while others love to wear skin-hugging dresses with high ankle boots and caps. The first and literal choice is all yours. Here are some styles curated for your guidance, let’s have a look.

1- Casual style

Casual style mostly refers to being dressed in PJ’s or in simple tees or in basic trousers but it defines the real casual style. This wear is more about dressing comfortably but with some style. This type of dressing is perfect for any informal events, where no proper dress code is defined. This style is relaxing but you need to put in some effort to make it casual yet appealing and trendy too. Casual clothing comprises denims, t-shirts, pleated shirts, maxi’s, shorts and jeans as well. Your footwear could be flats, sneakers, sandals or even small heels. Pair them with minimal accessories like wooden jewelry, simple chains and watches.

2- Classic style

Classic clothing pieces are timeless and ageless staples which stay over the time, regardless of the changing trend cycle. This style is always immaculate and powerful looking; it stays for decades. Colors like black, white, denim shades are wardrobe essentials and considered as classic pieces for any occasion. This style is mostly nature inspired with clothes made of natural fabrics, elegant accessories like pearls and watches, paired with leather shoes and bucket hats for women. People who choose classic dressing attires, actually have their own styles with simplicity, even if it’s expensive.

3- Bohemian style

The bohemian style is commonly known as boho style which is a mix of different cultures, hippie fashion and artistic expressions, shown in an eclectic way. Boho dressing is all about fresh, relaxed, free spirited style but still modern and eye-catching. You can mix and match neutral and warm shades with natural elements like sea shells, feathers, threads and with a lot of natural jewelry too. The fabrics used are light and airy with colorful patterns and prints. Floral printed maxi’s are a typical boho way of dressing which never goes out of fashion. This type of clothes are usually worn by artists, writers and creators to follow their own trends and show their way of expression.

4- Chic style

Chic style is the most elegant, decent and sophisticated way, that is timeless, popular in closets and fashion runways, it’s supreme. Usually it is made up of luxurious materials that can spruce up a woman’s wardrobe to the next level. This trend is associated with many other styles too like casual chic, boho chic, elegant chic but the important thing is that it’s a lasting trend and forever staple to a woman’s clothing line. You can never go wrong with classic long jackets for women combined with high heels and a string of pearls to complete the look.

5- Athletic style

This look is also known as sporty style, which was worn in America, where active wear like tracksuits, jeggings, sweatpants with sports shoes became a mainstream fashion. This gave an opportunity to many designers to introduce their sportswear line with more innovation and bringing more styles in it. This look is comfortable, relaxed and a true combination of athleisure. This trendy fashion has made workout attire more usable, that isn’t limited to gyms and workout times.

6- Vintage style

If you’re convinced with ‘old is gold’ theory, this style is best for you. It usually imitates the trend and clothing of recent decades, mostly people who follow retro nods for fun and uniqueness. You can always make your vintage look more acceptable and appealing by adding a modern twist in it. there is no need to get yourself ready fully in vintage attire, but can mix them with modern accessories to balance out the look.  You just need to embrace the style without overdoing it. This style will always catch people’s attention, so it must be a fun, playful and creative way of styling. Pair your dresses with long jackets for women and old style hats for a more vintage look.

7- Artsy style

This style is particularly for those who want to make their own style statement and don’t follow the conventional way of dressing. It’s all about textures, right pop of colors and bold accessories that can make you look outstanding and outclass.  The look created by using all natural and organic materials like handmade accessories and jewelry that have some personal touch, truly one of a kind!  Picking one or two exquisite items to create an overall striking look with a brighter color palette and happening prints. Combine them with handbags, classic footwears and bucket hats for women, to add some more drama to yourself.

8-  Formal style

Formal style is a fashion term in which a proper dress code is specified for both men and women for any occasion, event and state dinners. There are certain dressing rules designed to be followed for particular ceremonies, though they may vary in different cultures or religions but dress code rules exist everywhere. Formal outfits are usually worn in evenings, usually mentioned on invitation cards as black-tie or white-tie events. Super delicate and subtle jewelry pieces, high heels and fitted dresses are best suitable for creating this look.

Summing up

Wearing clothes in different ways, expressing your personality and flaunting your body is all about your own choice and preference. However, many women follow and like some particular styles for themselves, just the way they like! Hope you get to know more about various styles and also about yours too.

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