Certified Flight Instructor – Know These 6 Prerequisites 


Certified Flight Instructor

Aviation courses are not just about obtaining an airline or commercial pilot license. The scope of this field is much wider and also includes other training and courses. One of these courses is a CFI training course.  CFI or certified flight instructors guide students through the process of becoming a pilot and also keep them safe while doing it. They teach the academic ground school and mechanics of real-life flight. The role of a CFI in the aviation industry may be compared to a school teacher. They spend their time outside the classroom, develop lesson plans, and prepare visual learning aids for their students. 

You can enroll in a flight school and learn to pursue a CFI training course. As a flight instructor, you use the adult learning methodology, explain, demonstrate, imitate, and practice to build the hands-on skills of your students.  This course includes everything that you may need to become an instructor. After passing the course, you demonstrate the skill to the students. Once they have imitated it, you allow them to practice doing it while you coach and serve them as a safety net. Once your students are ready, you sign them off for solo flights and continue serving as a ground-based mentor.  If you like the idea of training enthusiasts to shape their careers as commercial pilots, CFI training is the right course for you. Here is how you can become one. 

Confirmation of Eligibility 

To hold a CFI certificate, you have to be at least 18 years old. Other criteria of eligibility include being able to read, write, speak, and understand English. To become an instructor, you must also hold a commercial pilot certificate or an airline transport pilot certificate. 

Confirmation of Good Health

As you have your commercial or ATP certificate, there shouldn’t be any issues. However, before signing up for the course of a CFI, it is pertinent that you are in good health. Thus, ensure your medical certificate is current. 

Pass the FA Written Exam and Fundamentals of Instruction Exam 

The CFI written exam is very similar to the others in the aviation courses. The only difference is that its scope is broader than others. It includes everything from the recreational, private, and commercial levels. 

To become a CFI, you should take a second exam, Fundamentals of Instruction. Also known as FOI, it is a written examination that tests your knowledge on instructional topics such as the learning process, training techniques, and everything in between. 

Create your Lesson Plans 

As a CFI, you must also create lesson plans that align with the FAA practical test standards (PTS). These plans can also be used in future. You can consider your visual aids and remember the power of a diagram, model, and good chart while explaining and illustrating them. 

Connect with an Experienced Instructor 

In the course, you may have to get your check ride. By the time you get it, you want to have developed confidence and ease with delivering your lesson plans and guiding your students through the process of learning. 

Role-playing with your CFI instructor will give you enough practice sitting in the right seat. It will also give you a chance to practice teaching the ground school portion of your lessons and prepare you for the real thing. 

Pass Your Checkride 

Last but not least, it’s time to pass your check ride. You have been through the process plenty of times already. Thus, brace yourself because the CFI check ride is an all-day event. It may even turn into a multi-day event. 


Choosing the right flight school for CFI training eases your task even more. Thus, why wait? Research the best flight schools and register in the training program now. 

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