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By | June 3, 2022

Some of the best music originates from England and there is no doubt about that. The same can be said for Arctic Monkeys, which was formed back in 2002 with Alex Turner being the lead singer. Arctic Monkeys has produced some of the best music, mostly in rock and their songs are always amazing to vibe to. You can stream most of Arctic Monkeys’ songs on Spotify, but for that, you need a reliable internet connection so that your music streaming is as flawless as possible. For a good internet connection, look into Xfinity wifi plans and figure out which plan suits your budget the most. Back to Arctic Monkeys, here are some of the best Arctic Monkeys songs you could listen to so that you could figure out their vibe. 

Do I Wanna Know?

One of Arctic Monkeys’ most iconic songs. The song is about a person who has conflicted feelings about a woman who he likes and he is trying to figure out whether or not the woman likes him back or not. The song has an amazing electric guitar playing at the back but what makes the song flawless is the bass guitar. The bass guitar adds the soul to the song and it is the kind of song that you would want to listen to repeatedly. The Arctic Monkeys’ music was also used as a soundtrack in Peaky Blinders, which included Do I Wanna Know as well. 


Arabella is another one of Arctic Monkeys’ best songs created. The song has an amazing vibe and it is the kind of song you would want to listen to as you cruise around in a car at night. The song has an amazing guitar playing at the back as well, as most Arctic Monkeys songs do. One of the best things about Arctic Monkeys is how they have a black and white vibe in all of their songs and Alex Turner has amazing vocals that really complement the aesthetics and the music. This is one of the many reasons to have Arctic Monkeys in your playlist so you could listen to them when you want to chill. 

Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High

Another song with a very similar vibe to the rest but this song is just as aesthetically pleasing. The most magical element of Arctic Monkeys is the guitar that plays, the electric guitar in specific, which makes you feel elevated. The music in Arctic Monkeys’ songs paired with Alex Turner’s voice gives you an experience of a lifetime. Why had You Only Call Me When You’re High is definitely one of Arctic Monkeys’ best songs. 

R U Mine?

Some people might think that R U Mine is a bit loud but isn’t that the point of rock bands? R U Mine is the perfect blend between an electric guitar and Alex Turner. It has one of the most beautiful guitar solos from all of Arctic Monkeys’ songs. If you want to listen to something you can instantly vibe to, then R U Mine should be the song you should definitely listen to. Just like any other English band, Alex Turner has a beautiful vibe that fits perfectly with the music of the band. It is safe to say the band would be incomplete without Alex. 

I Wanna Be Yours

Just like the title gives it away, this song is about having feelings for someone and a constant wish to be with them. Alex talks symbolically about the girl he likes and how he wishes to see the both of them grow together only if the girl reciprocates the feeling. The song is much slower than the rest and also lacks that electric guitar element but still this song is one of the best ones by Arctic Monkeys and you should be sure to have it in your playlist at all times. If you are a fan of Indie music then you should definitely listen to Arctic Monkeys. 

Knee Socks 

The entire AM album is an entire vibe. It is undeniably Arctic Monkeys’ best album with each song better than the last. You can tell that the band has put in a lot of effort into the album because each song is an artistic masterpiece. Knee Socks is a bit more upbeat than the rest of the songs on the album, which makes the song a lot more different from the rest. People speculate that this song is about one of Alex’s exes and how he has to know her and then let her go. 

In Conclusion

If you are someone who enjoys listening to Indie music and is looking for amazing music, then you should definitely listen to Arctic Monkeys since they define what Indie Rock actually is. Alex Turner has an amazing voice and he makes every song wonderful to listen to. 

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