Being a fan of literature, or even if you don’t adore literature as much as you find other things fascinating, at some point in life, you must have encountered one of the most alluring pieces of literature; an essay. Whether you have written a personal essay, or one for the assignments, or maybe in your exams, or maybe for something else, being a university student now, you have had to write an essay in your life.

But in the rush of writing and submitting your essay on time, have you wondered what essay means or stands for? It is acceptable that you might be in the rush of finding an essay writer in Australia that you forgot to know the basics. Now, let’s clarify those basics and know what an essay is and the easy steps an essay writer must follow.

What is an Essay?

An essay is a well-structured and professionally written piece of literature that shares the perspective and point-of-view of the narrator or writer on a particular topic. Essays are merely some influential statements with which a writer keeps their point of view in front of the world or their audience.

With the help of an essay, one of the most influential pieces of literature writing, the author puts their views and values in front of the world about a particular topic from various factors, ensuring that the words never affect any particular person or target a tribe. It is just one simple point of view of a person, and it is possible to have many possibilities to represent that particular topic.

Types of Essay

Out of context, but an essential point to keep in mind is the type of essay. There are various types of essays, and some are them are mentioned below by the educators who have been providing assignment assistance since 2010:

  • Narrative Essay
  • Descriptive Essay
  • Persuasive Essay
  • Compare and Contrast Essay
  • Problem-Solution Essay

As the names say, the types mean the same and nothing else. Now, let’s move forward to know the 7 steps.

7 Essential Steps to be followed by an Essay Writer

Identify the Type

The first and most essential step for an essay writer to keep in minds the type and topic. As an essay writer, when you start writing your essay, do identify the type of your essay. Now how do you do that? A common question that strikes every mind is how to identify the type of essay. Most of the time, the title or topic of the essay hints at the type of the essay. For example, when writing a personal essay, you can pick any topic and form it in any way, but usually, the personal essays go in the Narrative essay form.

Structure and Tone

Every piece of literary write up usually contains the basic structure and follows a fixed writing pattern. When providing information, you must keep in the notice to explain the 5W and 1H. The essays are counted as an information provider, as they enlighten a particular topic, so you must discuss the what, why, when, where, who, and how in your write-up. As the essay is informative, it should have had a professional writing tone. Along with this, the particular structure of an essay is divided into 5 paragraphs. The essay writer Australia experts follow the following instruction – introduction, the writer’s argument, a counterargument, the refutation, and the conclusion.

Lookout for References

Once you are done knowing the type and forming the structure of your essay, you will need factual details to support your arguments. As long as your essay shares a point-of-view that concerns a large part of people, you have to support your statements. And for which you must study, research, interact with experts or take interviews. Many people skip this research and reference step, which is when they put only their point of view in front of the public. If your look for references, you will come across essay writers in Australia, and with their samples, you will get your assignment assistance.

Word Limit

Before you start writing your essay, you must know your word limit. Every piece of literature is somewhat similar; the word limit has been set for each literary piece to make it different. Such as, a novel has to be up to 50,000 words, a novella should be somewhere between 35,000 to 50,000, and so on. But, when you are writing a university assignment or personal essay, your word limit will lie somewhere between 500 and 1500. Once you know your word limit, you will be able to draft a qualitative essay rather than a quantitative one. With proper heading, subheadings, and essential points highlighted, you will be able to deliver an impressive and impactful essay.

Outline Your Essay

Once you are known with the type, structure, topic, tone, references, word limit, and every other essential requirement, you can now easily start drafting your essay. The structure of your essay is fixed; you have to write an introduction, then your body will have three paragraphs which will have your argument, then a counterargument, then your reputation, and at last, you will finish your essay with a conclusion. Many writers neglect the part of outlining the essay, as they find it a waste of time, however, when you draft your key points, you can use only the important and informative part which supports your essay, and in this way, you will end your essay with a set word limit.

Strong Thesis and Conclusion

The starting and ending of your essay define your essay’s body matter. When you start writing your essay, you write an introduction, but before that, there is a thesis required that summarises your main purpose of writing and what information the reader will get from your essay. Just in the same way, after giving your perspective and counterargument, you must end your essay on a strong note, just like various essay writers in Australia. The conclusion of your essay will contain all the missing information you wished to state in your essay’s actual body. And for this step, it is essential to draft your essay first.

Proofread and Edit

To give your essay the final finishing touch, read your essay two to three times after specific time intervals. When you read your essay right after your end up writing it, there are chances that you might not identify all the errors. To rectify the grammatical, spelling, professional tone, and lengthy word errors, you must give your essay a few reads. By doing this, you will be able to spot the errors easily, and once you are done editing your essay, you will get the final result as one flawless essay.

The steps mentioned above will guide you when you start writing your essay the next time you will be writing essays like a professional essay writer in Australia.

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