Sponsorship is one of the most trusted and reliable methods considered by the event organizers to gain monetary benefit and increase ROI with their events. Similar to physical events, virtual event organizers also depend on sponsorships to get ROI. However, if you are in the event industry for quite some time, you must have known that there is a certain way to approach sponsors for your event. 

But, what is the correct way to approach sponsors for your virtual event? If you want to approach someone to invest in your virtual event, you should create a well-defined sponsorship proposal. It is the most professional way to do so, and all top-notch companies and organizations use it. 

Also, we don’t need to mention how important it is to have good sponsoring brands at your event. A sponsor can add to the value of your event. Moreover, if you want some reputed companies to sponsor your event, it is best suggested to create a well-defined and interesting proposal. It will leave a good impression on the brand, and there would be chances that they invest in your brand. 

To write a winning proposal for sponsorship for your upcoming event, here are a few steps you need to follow. Let’s dive straight into the steps. 

  • Explain Your Brand and Event: 

The first thing you need to explain in your event proposal is your brand and the event you are planning to host. Start with some basic information, such as the name and objective of the event. Going further, explain the elements your event will cover along with their date. To get their attention, you can mention the name of the speakers who will be there at the event. In addition, you can also add the name of sponsors you have already targeted and who have agreed to attend the event. In this section, give details about the DIY Virtual Event Platform you are using for the event. 

It is vital to explain your brand in detail. In the proposal, give a brief description of your company, its history, and the values you follow at the organization. It’d be best if you have organized some other events earlier and you add some pictures and data from those events. Presenting your event and the brand is a great way to gain the trust of your sponsors, and it will help them to be sure of the fact that the brand they are going to invest in is worth it. 

  • Explain Your Target Audience: 

The next thing you need to do is explain your target audience to the sponsoring company. It is important for them to know the audience you are targeting and if they will benefit from that audience. With this, they will evaluate if they will be able to meet their targets and generate enough ROI from your event. After explaining the target audience, you should also include the number of people you are expecting to show up at the event. Also, try to be as detailed as you can with this section. Explain how they can benefit from this target audience and the number you expect at this event. The reason is the sponsors would like to invest in an event where they can see maximum results. 

  • Find the Sponsor Value Proposition: 

The only reason organizations agree to sponsor any kind of event is to expand the reach of their brand. It can be said that sponsorship is beneficial for the host organization and the sponsoring organization. In this section of the proposal, mention why the sponsor should collaborate with your event and organization. Trust us, it is the only factor that will interest them to invest in your event, and collaborate with your brand. Since there are a plethora of events hosted these days, it is important to grab the attention of the sponsors by providing them with maximum exposure. You need to convey them that the event they are sponsoring is worth their time and money. Explain that the customizable virtual event platform you are going to use comes with several opportunities that will ensure maximum exposure to the brand. Persuade them to invest in the brand, and how investing in your brand is going to be a win-win situation for them. 

  • Highlight Your KPIs: 

The next thing you need to add to your virtual sponsorship proposal is your KPIs. You need to assure the sponsors that the event will be a success and investment in your brand is not at all a waste. For this, you can add your KPIs and statistics from your different platforms that support your claim. For example, you can highlight your audience engagement statistics in your proposal. Moreover, nothing better than adding your previous events’ statistics. Add all the statistics and data of your previous versions of the event; you need to prove that your event is going to be a huge success. 

  • Highlight Testimonials: 

The next and most important thing you need to do is add previous sponsors’ testimonials. It is a great way to show the credibility of your event and brand. Moreover, it will make it easier for the brands to trust you. Testimonials will act as the reviews of your brand for the companies you are targeting. You need to persuade them to invest in your brand and make them believe that investing in your brand is all going to be worth it. To do the same with ease, use testimonials; they will make the job easier for you. In addition, it is not at all easy to ask someone to invest in your brand and give you a hefty sum of money. You need to win their trust and prove to them that they will also get benefits from them. 

Sponsors are a great way to attract an audience to your virtual event. Hoeve, you need to make sure that you use the right technique to target them. Write a compelling proposal, and attract as many brands as you want. 

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