The cashew tree is an essential tropical plant that possesses excellent economic value. This tree produces the cashew apple and the cashew seed. Factors like diseases, pests, fertilizer, and the quality of seeds determine the degree to which the cultivation of organic cashew nuts is successful. Marginal and small farmers do cultivation of organic cashews, and over seventy percent of the cashew nuts produced are organic. To do organic cashew farming, farmers need to grow non genetically modified cashew trees without using pesticides, chemicals, sewage sludge, and artificial fertilizers. A difference between non-organic cashews and organic cashews is their size, as organic cashew nut farms are smaller. Both organic cashews contain the same amounts of vitamin E, vitamin K, iron, magnesium, copper, minerals and other vitamins. People prefer organic cashews over non-organic cashews because organic cashews lack foreign chemicals.


Benefits of organic cashews


They are known to cut down cholesterol levels and support the health of the heart


Several people fail to maintain healthy cholesterol levels due to their genetic factors and dietary habits. Research has found that organic cashews help cut down the low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and total cholesterol levels. Supporting a healthy cardiovascular and heart system. Researches show that diets that are load with tree nuts. Particularly organic cashews are linked consistently to help lower the risk of heart illness. Alongside cutting down low density lipoprotein and total cholesterol levels. Other researchers link the consumption of organic cashews to lower levels of blood pressure. As high cholesterol leads to several other severe health conditions. Consuming a few cashew nuts daily is an excellent preventive step for long-term health.


They help manage and control diabetes


Another great advantage of consuming organic cashews is that, their consumption helps manage and control diabetes when consumed together with a healthy diet. Strong evidence suggests that the bioactive components found in organic cashews help carry out diabetes management by impacting insulin and glucose responses and cutting down inflammation. Better still, consuming organic cashews can play a beneficial role in preventing the beginning of diabetes due to their inflammation-decreasing qualities.


They are loaded with nutrients that could help prevent specific chronic illnesses.


Organic cashews are also load with several nutrients that keep chronic illnesses away, encompassing phosphorous, zinc, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin E, and B-complex vitamins. They are also load with iron, protein, and fiber to offer them the ability to battle against chronic illnesses and back the human body’s healthy immune system. Obesity is the leading cause of chronic disease. The consumption of organic cashews can safeguard people from obesity by letting people feel fuller for a more extended period, cutting unhealthy food cravings.


They are loaded with minerals that backbone health


Something that several people do not realize about organic cashews is that they play a role in maintaining the health of human bones. This is because organic cashews consist of vitamin K, magnesium, calcium, and potassium. All of which support healthy and strong bones. By increasing the consumption of cashews in their diet, people can cut down the risk of suffering from osteoporosis, sprains and breaks later in their life.


They offer brain-boosting advantages

Organic cashews help people feel more optimistic and think clearly by providing brain-boosting advantages. The human brain is hugely compose of fat, which tells us that it requires healthy fats, like the ones present in organic cashews to perform well. Lack of copper, zinc, and iron could lead to depression and anxiety. But luckily organic cashews consist of these psychological health-boosting minerals.

They make people happy and support the building of human muscles


Organic cashews consist of a high percentage of L-tryptophan. This amino acid is the messenger substance serotonin’s essential component. In turn, serotonin is a happy hormone that guarantees an increased sense of happiness and well-being. So by eating organic cashews, people can literally make themselves happy by eating. A hundred grams of organic cashews consist of eighteen grams of protein and are thus a vegan protein’s indispensable source. The amino acids present in organic cashews help maintain and build muscles. Apart from that, they also help the human body carry out other important tasks. For instance, they are important building blocks for renewing and building tissue and cells.


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