Assuming you are an undertaking aficionado and enthusiastic for trekking and you are anticipating the best winter trek in India. Hold tight there! Well you may be natural about Kedarkantha trek? While possibly not then we have a total taste of combinations for both who love trekking and are additionally partial to snow. The Kedarkantha Trek package  is certainly the best trek to settle on. A mountain pinnacle of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand, India. Arranged at a height of 12,500 ft it gives you a wonderful beauty.




Kedarkantha is situated in Govind Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttarkashi region. During the trek you will observe energetic flora,lake,pine and oak trees and considerably more grand viewpoints. Kedarkantha trek is open practically in each time of month however the best chance to visit it is in Winters(December-April).  Kedarkantha encounters its snowfall from December and goes on till last April. Trek begins from a little far off town called Sankri.


The Trek


It is a simple to direct even out trek ,appropriate for novices. As you start the trekking you will begin seeing snow all through your trail.When you reach meadows,you will track down snow by and large around as may be obvious. Its an awesome view and obviously commendable. Tall pine braid covered with a layers of snow,the wonderful knolls and superb pinnacle sees structure the highest point makes it a best trek for winters in India.Also the campgrounds are so exceptionally delightful just like all layered with snow and setting up camp in wild under snow is should accept experience which could add to your adrenaline rush.

Every one of the camping areas is simply astonishing. Beautiful camping areas over white bed sheet of snow is only a carefree second and hypnotising experience.F eels like living in the midst of like being in paradise and harmony and nature darlings might call it a paradise.From the highest point you can see the whole all encompassing perspective on the Himalayan belt and different pinnacles like Swargrohini(1,2,3,4), Kalanag, Bandarpoonch,and some more.


Attractions About Kedarkantha Trek


  1. The Forests

You can feel this feeling of solidarity with the environmental elements in the backwoods of Kedarkantha, especially from Kotgaon to the highest point. The timberlands are thick and serious. The sun is covered up and looking, making this second more delightful.


  1. The Clearings

In the two bearings, Kedarkantha has some of these explanations. These clearings convey no other trek. The perspectives from every clarification are incredible. The dusks watch all the way strangely from these clearings. The lights out and about are all around separated. Consistently trek consequently feels exceptionally complete with the trees and the clearings together.


  1. The Sunsets

This trek gives probably the most sensational dusks which are where the campgrounds are found. The west side of the mists is confronting Julieta and Pukhrola, who are both totally open to the light. This makes it totally essential to watch the dusks along this path on the way.


  1. The Homestays

Assuming that you stroll with Jannattrips, you’re here to have fun. You’re not continuously going to sort out how inhabitants live? You can see it on this trek. In two towns, Gaichawan Gaon and Kotgaon, you will go through both your most memorable evening and last evening in a home.


  1. The Summit

Right off the bat, it’s a genuine highest point with a cairn. Kedarkantha is one of two highest point treks in every one of the 12,500 ft treks in the Himalayas. The rest of frequently high places or passes in a reach.


Why Should You Visit Kedarkantha Trek?

From December to April, Kedarkantha is snow-shrouded and it is probably Uttarakhand’s best trek for the colder time of year. The nearby knolls are loaded with white bay windows, which makes this trek in Uttarakhand an intriguing one. Winter photos of the Kedarkantha trek are likewise accessible. This is one of the best trek to enjoy your new year.


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