Want to know what insurance coverage is? So you are in the right place. In this article, you will find everything about what auto insurance covers.

Questioning insurance coverage is common when thinking about hiring this protection. After all, there are several possibilities available in various plans and, in order not to get lost, it is necessary to be well-advised when making a quote. It is very important that the insured is aware of all coverage, both basic and additional.

Car Insurance plans may vary from insurer to insurer. Therefore, paying attention and being aware of the most important points makes you safer in every way. In our Blog, we have already given, for example, tips on additional coverage to include in your policy.

However, in addition to additional coverage, it is essential to know what the basic coverage of auto insurance is. Let’s see: when auto insurance is contracted, no matter how simple the plan is, it has mandatory coverage (also known as basic). In the course of the text, we will talk in more depth about them, but among these coverages, we can mention robbery and theft, and fire.

What is the insurance coverage?

Insurance coverage indicates what protection you will have when taking out insurance. She has a list of risk situations that will be compensated if they happen. When that happens, the accident happens. In this way, the coverages bring all the covered risks listed in the policy and that will allow compensation if they occur.

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Auto insurance coverage is financial protection for certain events involving the vehicle, such as collisions, theft, theft, and fire, among others. These events are also called claims.

That is, when you take out Geico insurance, you are taking out coverage for certain risks. Each of the coverages includes one or more types of claims, such as those mentioned above, and they are mostly divided between basic and additional. Some of them, perhaps, still go unnoticed by the insured. That’s why we talk here about five auto insurance coverages that are less known to motorists.

What are the basic coverages of auto insurance?

Basic coverages are those that are directly related to the vehicle as a whole, called hull coverage. Everything that can harm the car’s operation or itself enters the list of what Auto Insurance covers in the so-called comprehensive coverage, the most common type.

Among the main basic car insurance coverages we can list: 

  • Collision, collision, overturning, or skidding; 
  • Any external object falling on the insured vehicle, such as stones, vases, etc.; 
  • Accident with the vehicle during transport by any common and appropriate means; 
  • Damage caused by third parties provided that in an isolated, sporadic, and involuntary act; 
  • Damage caused by flooding, flooding, or flooding, including in the case of vehicles stored underground, as long as the driver does not force a passage through flooded areas; 
  • Surf, gale, hail, hurricane, earthquake, and lightning; 
  • Fire or explosion; 
  • Theft or partial or total theft of the vehicle.

It is worth remembering that there are other types of coverage, such as fire and theft, which only cover these cases, in addition to third-party coverage (RCF-V), which can be contracted independently, as well as the Insurance APP. 

What is additional coverage?

Additional coverage, as the name implies, is anything that you will include in your insurance policy, without considering the basic coverage. Over time and with the growth of insurers, each one began to develop a specific package of additional coverage. 

Remember that, in most cases, the inclusion of additional coverage, such as damage to windows and spare car, impacts the final cost of the insurance.

most common coverages 

As well as the basic coverages, there is also a list of additional coverages that are more traditional at the time of hiring. They are usually included in the policy as drivers consider them to be of paramount importance.

Among the main and most requested at the time of negotiation, we can list the following:

  • Accessories, which includes sound and image equipment, for example; 
  • Gas Kit, which protects against damage to equipment resulting from events caused by collision, fire, and theft; 
  • Backup car; 
  • Damage to windows, lights, headlights, and mirrors;
  • Perimeter extension is a guarantee offered by some insurers to increase insurance coverage for foreign countries.


What does my insurance cover? 

This is a very important question. To find out what the insurance covers, you must first read your policy carefully. If you still have doubts about what auto insurance covers or not, contact the broker or insurance company with which you closed the insurance.

In general, if you did not make any claims at the time of the negotiation, what insurance covers includes the basic coverage mentioned above, and one or another additional coverage, such as a spare car or window protection. Remember that this is not a rule.

If you have questions, check out our content below.

Does the insurance company cover theft or theft even with the insurance installment delayed?

Payment of the insurance is a primary obligation of the customer and in return, the insurer assumes the risk. If the customer is in arrears, the insurance company will analyze how many installments the insured has already paid and analyze up to what period the insured is covered. With this, the insurer will decide whether it will be enough for the indemnity or the insured will assume the losses alone.

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