There is no doubt that wedding trends are constantly evolving, and people have witnessed more changes in the last two years. Every couple tried their best to make a fairy-tale out of their big day during the pandemic.

The wedding industry was enthusiastic, from custom wedding suits to pastel-themed decoration. And this article about wedding suit trends is made for every groom in Australia preparing for his big day this year.

What Are the Emerging Wedding Trends?

A report suggests that the rate of people getting married in Australia has gone down after the onset of the pandemic. Although, many couples are looking forward to trying the knot this year, and it is only fair if they have a picture-perfect event.

So, here is a list of some vital wedding trends in many areas:

Floral Decoration

People have shifted to subtle options with a hint of vibrance here and there. Soft pastel flowers are being used consistently to add elegance to the area. Some neutral shades, blues, and contrasting colours are also added to highlight the area.

Wedding Dress

Custom wedding suits for men have been the highlight of weddings in the past few years. Simple two pieces for grooms are combined with gorgeous A-line gowns for brides. Millennials are also choosing 60s trends in dress to bring out the vintage feels.


Gone are the days when significantly huge events were a thing of pride. Now, guest lists are shrinking, and more private events are being conducted. Pandemic has brought up the concept of smaller and safer gatherings.


Eco-friendly décor options and sustainable articles have become the highlight of Australian weddings. Small dining areas, recycled decoration ideas, and minimal looks are in trend. Millennials are also choosing 60s trends in dress to bring out the vintage feels.

What Do Australian Men Look for in a Wedding Suit?

Grooms always prefer to steal the show with their dressing sense to make it one memorable day of their life. You could be a stylish groom looking for excellent options or a wishful bride wanting the best for your groom.

So, this list of trends in bespoke wedding suits will save your day!

All-in-One Styling

Change of costume has become a thing, but nobody likes to feel overwhelmed on their wedding day. So, a suit with different styling options effortlessly will cater to your needs.


Slim Fit

Do not settle for a readymade option and go for a high-quality tailormade suit with exact measurements. There are multiple affordable, high-quality, and stylish options for bespoke wedding suits in Australia.


Bold Colours With Textured Fabric

Textures are slowly coming back in style, accompanied by bold colours and designs. And while brides opt for floral patterns and subtle gowns, grooms can choose classic bold colours to complement.


Embroidering initials, monologues, or engraved buttons have become popular with the rise in the creator’s economy. So, you can get creative with your bespoke wedding suits and even surprise your bride to brighten her day. grooms can choose classic bold colours to complement.


Subtle florals, line drawings, checked patterns, and pinstripes can be a great choice if you love patterns. Meanwhile, always go for deep research when it comes to fabric and pair it with an accessory that you love the most.

With more people looking forward to getting married in Australia this year, let’s hope that their custom wedding suits will be sorted. Nevertheless, many guests will watch out for the trends picked up by a particular event. So, always keep the décor theme, the colour of the bride’s gown, and the wedding theme in mind before customising the wedding suit.

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