Wadi-e Jinn, also known as Wadi Al-Baida, is a place that attracts a large number of tourists for a bizarre reason. Situated around 30 km Northwest of Madinah, Wadi-e Jinn is a place where cars move without drivers steering or guiding them. The place attracts thousands of locals and visitors from all over the world.

Wadi-e Jinn is a valley that keeps fascinating people from all over the world as they visualize something truly unique here. The movement of vehicles without drivers even touching them goes against the established tenets of science. Many travelers and tourists stay on the roadside in camps erected by them during the weekends to witness the rare phenomenon.

It is unfathomable that vehicles can move independently without human or mechanical intervention unless today’s modern technology powers them. However, at Wadi-e Jinn, it is observed that all types of vehicles and cars move on the road in the direction of Madinah without the assistance of drivers. 

Locals attribute this strange happening to the presence of Jinn in this region. That’s why it has been named Wadi-e Jinn or where the Jinn resides. The Wadi-e Jinn valley is surrounded by hills on three sides and has the shape of an egg. It offers a beautiful view with its clear blue skies.

Wadi-e Jinn in Islamic Texts 

The history of Wadi-e Jinn finds mention in some of the oldest Islamic scriptures. The Holy Quran has quoted the Jinn about 29 times and mentions many exciting stories. One such theory mentioned in these books refers to the coexistence of humans with invisible beings. These invisible creatures are said to be constituted of smokeless fire, and they have the ability to fly as well. According to a story, Hazrat Dawood R.A confabulated with Amir. He had enquired Alqamah about Ibn Masood being there with PBUH on the night of the Jinn. 

Alqamah replied they were once in the company of the Prophet SAW, but they lost him after a while. All searched for the Prophet everywhere, in the hills and valleys but with no success. They feared that Prophet SAW was either murdered or taken by the Jinn. They spent the whole night devastated by the developments and fearing the worst.

At dawn, they were relieved to see the Prophet walking towards them from the Cave Hira. When they asked the Prophet where he was the previous night, he spoke about a requester who invited him to visit their community and recite the Quran on behalf of the Jinn. The Prophet even showed them the traces of their trails and cinders.

The Messenger of Allah called Jinn and the community his brothers and asked everyone not to perform the ritual of Istinja. This ritual involves cleaning the body with sandstone, clean stone, or toilet paper instead of water before defecation.  

Another Theory 

There is another story related to the Wadi-e Jinn. The messenger of Allah, SAW, passed through the valley when he came face to face with a Yahudi. The Yahudi wanted SAW to perform a miracle. He asked the Prophet to call a tree towards him. The instant the Prophet stared at the tree, it started rushing towards him. Yahudi accepted Islam at that very instant.

The Quran mentions many such hadiths and verses specifying the Jinn. For believers of Islam, Wadi-e Jinn is a sacred place and symbolizes the absolute devotion of followers towards the Prophet. They are sure that the unnatural activities happening in the valley is because of the presence of Jinn. After sunset, locals who stay in this area claim they hear voices saying, “This is our place. You don’t belong here”.

Wadi-e Jinn Scientific Analysis

People who visit the Wadi-e Jinn are keen to explore the place and experience the happenings that have been widely reported globally. They visit the place to experience such incidents firsthand and affirm if the folktales about the valley are authentic. There is a scientific theory behind Wadi-e Jinn happenings.

Tourists say that when they turn off the ignition and put their car in neutral mode, it starts to move. What is bewildering is that the vehicle moves upward towards the hills, which is against the established scientific principles of gravity. Cars are reported to move at 120km/hr speeds without any human intervention.

Some people have experimented by pouring water on the road. They say even water moves towards the hills and not down the slope. There is a scientific explanation for this strange phenomenon. According to geological experts, this phenomenon is called reverse gravity. It is generally seen in rocky areas where powerful magnetic forces act on the metallic parts of automobiles and pull them. Scientists claim similar activities have been reported from other regions of the Kingdom. These include the southern parts of Najran and Asir.

Optical Illusions 

In yet another theory, the explanation offered is that the high magnetic fields in the region create an optical illusion. The landscape, which is downhill, may appear uphill to many observers. The upward movement of the car or water is an illusion. In reality, it is moving in the reverse direction. 

Length of the Wadi-e Jinn Valley

The mysterious instance of cars rolling up the valley without drivers is reported to happen over a stretch of around 14 to 15 km. The Wadi-e Jinn is open to all people. Anyone visiting Saudi Arabia can go to this amazing place and explore its beautiful elements. It takes about 90 minutes from Madinah to reach the valley. Travelers must note that the Wadi-e Jinn is an isolated place with no human habitation. It is a place purely for visitors. There are no shops or lodging facilities available here. Visitors must carry their own food and water when they plan a visit to the valley.

The valley is an open area. Therefore, it is recommended that you visit the place before the sun is at its peak because the heat can become unbearable on some days. The valley is also famous for its sunrise views. If you want to see some stunning early morning sights plan accordingly.

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