Given the coronavirus and public health recommendations to stay at home, an increasing number of people are ordering groceries online or using an app rather than going to the shop. Not only have online grocery applications seen record-breaking downloads, but several are now using Tuko On-Demand Grocery Delivery App to get the doorstep deliveries.

If you’re thinking about using an On-Demand Grocery Delivery App, there’s excellent news! It’s convenient and dependable for customers, and London grocery stores are noted for their high-quality products.

Tuko Grocery Delivery is a service that delivers groceries to your home. Follow these tips that helps you saves your time and money using Tuko Grocery App.

Perform your inventory 

Check your freezer and pantry drawers before placing a food purchase to make sure you’re not reordering items you already have in sufficient quantities. 

If you’re ordering food that needs to be frozen, double-check that you have enough freezer space.

Know how your app works

Every grocery app is different. Tuko being a super app offers multitude of services on the go from a single app. However, right from the navigation to adding items to the cart to making online payments, take a trial demo to see how things work to avoid the goofups.

Customer service for your queries

This saves time rather than beating around the bush.

 If you need to modify an order, trace a late delivery, or receive reimbursement for a damaged food item, such as a leaking carton of milk or a mashed bunch of bananas, connecting with the app’s customer care service can be useful

Checkout for any hidden fees

Depending on the on-going discounted offer you may get unlimited deliveries for a set membership rate over a period of weeks or months, while others offer unlimited deliveries for a set subscription fee over a period of weeks or months.

Make sure you understand exactly what you’re paying for, as these costs can add up rapidly. Employees at grocery stores are irritated by these things.

Checkout the delivery timings

Before you start your order, find out the grocery delivery timings. Tuko On-demand Grocery Delivery App offers same day delivery as well as quick as within 2 hours. 

For holidays or other popular seasons, booking your groceries ahead of time can save you from a last minute hassles.

Communicating your delivery instructions

When you are ordering Doorstep Grocery Delivery, make sure to mention the delivery address, as well as other important note so that it makes it easy for the delivery driver to locate the address and deliver it precisely.

Only a small percentage of flats have good signage. If you’re getting a delivery in the evening, switch on the porch light and let us know if your address is difficult to read. If you don’t mind receiving your grocery delivery early.

Using the promo codes

We all love discounts.

Tuko Super App London, often sends out the promo codes, free deliveries, loyalty programs and more to the users. Checkout the app to learn about the on-going promotional discounts and other attractive offers.

Lastly, please consider tipping above and beyond when placing your order to acknowledge your shopper’s extra effort. Whatever you choose, now is the moment to be as generous with your tips as possible.

Tuko All in One App London

Tuko Super App provides On-Demand Grocery Delivery Services to inhabitants of London, Edinburgh, and the United Kingdom, allowing them to travel comfortably and at their leisure.

This All-in-One Super App is gaining a lot of traction because it provides the benefits listed above to people who are serious about reducing weight in a healthier way.

Tuko also provides food delivery, wine delivery, and On-Demand Services, which include a variety of handyman services, in addition to grocery delivery. Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Kiambu, Kenya, and Montego Bay, Kingston, Jamaica are among the other cities where the app is available.

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