Ten Easy Dollar Store Grand Opening Giveaway Ideas

What a wonderful way to screw people over. This is the first time for first time shoppers to see inside their store. It’s time for buyers to see for themselves what treasures are being offered in your store. For you.

The grand opening ceremony represents the end of all the planning and hard work required to get your way through the process of starting a dollar store. But how do you make the grand opening of your dollar store really special to your customers? How can you ensure that all your hard work, preparation and efforts to start a dollar store are not wasted?

One of the easiest ways to get excited about the grand opening of your dollar store and make it a memorable one for your soon-to-be customers is to offer gifts and a variety of free bees to all who attend. Here are 10 cheap ideas to start with. Include your ideas to create a special event for the participants.

1. Promotional products with the name of your store –

pens, paper tablets, frescoes, T-shirts, hats and many other products can be cheaply branded with your store information. Also read about ross stores!

2. Balloons –

Buy balloons in the color of your primary store, add a little information about your business, and pass them on to everyone who comes into your store. Balloons work just as well as other promotional products to give viewers a way out of important information about your store and where it is located.

3. $ 1 coin –

1 free coin for the first 50 or 100 coming through the door. You will be amazed at how many people use this coin for their first purchase from your store.

4. Candy –

Everyone loves candy. Whether you offer a range of individual wrapped candy pieces or small candy bars, they will definitely be popular.

5. Popcorn –

Another favorite; Even better, it’s low cost and easy to deliver to small bag applicants. Of course There will be some cleaning during and after the ceremony, but the positive effect will add value and extra cleaning.

6. Beverages –

A variety of beverages are available at all major opening events. Buyers will wait a minute to recharge and then leave for your store to finish their purchase.

7. Pizza –

Bring freshly baked pizza from time to time to your wonderful opening program. Offer a free slice of pizza to everyone present. This is an opportunity for you to be present and introduce yourself and interact with first time visitors.

8. Promo Items from Vendors –

As you work through the dollar store launch process you will need to find vendors and order products. Be sure to ask if there are any promotional items available to you during the grand opening ceremony of your Dollar Store.

9. Store Discount Coupons –

Make this offer easy and convenient for both you and your customers. Present a basket with a store discount on possibly smaller pieces of paper. All those who are shopping can draw lots for their discount before paying. The second option is to provide a standard discount for ‘those who come back’ after the grand opening.

10. Drawing with Rewards –

There is a never ending list of drawing options. For example; Allow each participant to fill in their name and contact information and then hold the drawing to the right at the end of the event. Make sure the grand prize is something that will impress the audience.

It is the result of your hard work in preparing your dollar store for the grand opening ceremony and then starting your own dollar store. Make the event memorable for your new buyers by offering a variety of cheap, yet memorable cheap items to all who attend. Each of the above ten ideas can do exactly that – and they can do without breaking the bank. Best of all, it signals the end of the start of your dollar store and the transition to the operating dollar store business.

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