Leadership and its importance in a Digital World


In the autumn of 2014, the bulk of the(Buy Facebook followers) marketing team at WSI attended the HubSpot INBOUND event in Boston.

We host an annual Global Convention for our network. Which is why I’m aware of the advantages of hosting conferences and going to them.


Notably, the group was raving about a presentation by the renowned author and speaker Simon Sinek.

His book Leaders inspired Simon Sinek’s INBOUND keynote Eat Last The Reasons Why Some Teams Work Together, and Others Don’t.


Attracted by the increase in enthusiasm and energy that my team experienced from Sinek’s presentation. I started looking at his views about leadership and business to find out if I could pick up some things also.


I was able to find a fascinating quote by Sinek where he states. “If your actions inspire others to imagine more to learn more, be more knowledgeable. Bo more and be more an influencer, you’re an effective leader.”


Since I came across the quote by Simon Sinek. I’ve been trying to integrate inspiration into my job as an administrator.

I do not just strive to be an example for others, both in thinking and the actual, but I also strive to inspire others through my actions too.


Leadership is essential


Since Canada just celebrated 150 years of independence, I’ve considered the leadership role. Canada has seen 23 Prime Ministers in the past.

Each having their specific problems. It’s also hard not to be struck by how different the challenges that confront Justin Trudeau are from those negotiated by John A. Macdonald – or by his father nearly forty years ago.


Technology and the Internet have transformed the world and its markets at an exponentially more rapid rate. If you’re the Prime Minister or a business executive.

Do not worry that one is much more challenging than the other! Some people look to you for inspiration.


With these ideas in my head. I set out a couple of things that illustrate the significance of leadership in a digital society.


We need more leaders.

Following Simon Sinek for a second, Here’s another one taken from his book Together Is Better. A Little Book of Inspiration:


“That’s why we have managers and not the leaders of businesses. The promoted person can accomplish their task more effectively than we do…that’s why they got elevated in the first.

Naturally, they will be able to instruct us on how we ought to do things. They control us because they were never taught how to guide us.”


As I do, many of you may be thinking precisely what happens. It’s completely normal, and it isn’t anyone else’s fault.

However, in the end, every day, a workplace filled with managers isn’t practical.


We require more leaders. But the only method this will happen is if the current leaders demonstrate a desire to train.

Prepare future leaders of their company to assume leading roles. It starts with the following: Sinek puts it.

“The hard work of developing people, coaching them to believe in them and trusting them.”


The secret to training our leaders of tomorrow is that the final step is confidence in them.

Trusting them to perform the job as well or even better than we can, and resisting the need to monitor them.


Things are constantly in flux.

In the digital age, being able to trust our young leaders is even more crucial because Nothing is ever the same.

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As leaders, we not only need to train and trust those we supervise to complete the tasks that we did better than we could.

However, we also have to be confident in their capacity to keep up with the age of the Internet and technological advances.


Let’s take an example. For instance, suppose you’re a manager in the field of marketing. Five years ago, you managed the company’s social media accounts which comprised Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

The social media manager you oversee is responsible for all three platforms that you instructed users to use. Advertisements on all three platforms, and profile pages for Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Suppose this person is eventually promoted to a managerial post. In that case, you never know which new social profiles. Ad networks the new social media worker will need to be able to acquire on the spot.


Based on this, it’s clear that “this approach is unlikely to work. In the modern world of technology.

New managers are already far behind. When it comes to applying the needed skills to the younger person who has been promoted to their previous job.


Leadership isn’t just about trusting people to carry out our work. It’s about trusting them to grow and apply themselves more quickly than we ever could.

It’s about putting them into believing that they can perform better than we did at our jobs.



The main takeaway I got from my latest thinking about leadership was this. The best leaders are the ones who make everyone around them more effective and feel elated.

Encouraged when the same individuals outdo themselves and their achievements.


Leadership is crucial in an ever-changing digital age that must not be undervalued or ignored.

The more experienced and adaptable leaders your business creates and cultivates, the better the future it will have.

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