Universities worldwide have seen a whopping rise in the number of Indian students enrolling for a course away from their native country. The major reason behind their preference is the fact that Indian industry acknowledges a degree from brilliant international universities as compared to bachelor’s or master’s degree of India. Foreign universities offer superior quality education and the best academic facilities. Compared to Indian universities, foreign universities focus more on research programs. 

As per numerous surveys, it is predicted that the most preferred country to visit for higher education is Canada. If you are also planning to move to Canada for higher studies, then approach the reputed Canada Visa Consultants. Though the most preferred study destination is Canada, there are some other countries as well that have the world’s best universities.

Generally, students befuddle while choosing the best country, university and course to pursue higher education. For their betterment, we have listed the top five countries where students will not only get high quality education but also sufficient career opportunities.

Here is a list of top five countries to pursue higher education:

  • Australia

Australia is eminent for delivering unparalleled quality of knowledge along with ample research opportunities. Additionally, Australia is counted among the safest countries in the world with lowest crime rates. This makes it the most prefered country among the international students to pursue higher education. Here the students will be offered 20 hours a week for part-time jobs. It can help students to arrange fees for their next semester. In Australia students can also apply for a work permit after completing their degree in a particular course. After doing a job in their field, students can apply for permanent residency in Australia.


  • Canada

At present, Canada is in the top position where students choose to pursue higher education. Approximately 14% of the international students are comprised of the Indian students. Recently, the Canadian government has introduced sufficient benefits to Indian students. This is one of the safest countries in the world. According to Global News, Canada is in second position for social and economic progress and development. Moreover, Canada is blessed with a multicultural environment. After getting enrolled with Canadian University, you’ll be surrounded by students of different cultures and backgrounds. In Canada also students can get work visas after completing their degree and can apply for permanent residency after doing a job in their field. Contact with the reliable Canada Visa Consultant to start your visa process for Canada.


  • Germany

Germany is another most preferred study destination for international students. Many public institutions in Germany don’t charge tuition fees for master’s degrees. Pocket friendly fee structure of German universities attracts lakhs of international students. Many sponsors in Germany provide scholarships to talented and potential students. For Indian students, Germany has introduced the DAAD program. Science students and technology lovers can opt to pursue higher education from top-notch universities in Germany. Many German universities provide enough research programs to students.


  • New Zealand

New Zealand is not only admired as a beautiful country but also for its top-class education system. Along with superior education, New Zealand has a lot to offer such as internally accepted qualifications, various research opportunities and unmatchable quality of life. The best part of its education system is that Phd scholars get equal opportunities as the native students of New Zealand get. When it comes to safety, New Zealand is ranked in second position according to the Global Peace Index 2018. This clearly states that New Zealand has political stability and social tolerance.

If you are planning to migrate to New zealand for studies, then approach the best Visa Consultants.


  • United kingdom

In the past few years, it was noticed that the United Kingdom showed a strict attitude towards international students. But recently, the United Kingdom has softened its rules and regulations for international students. Many students choose to study in the UK as it provides high quality education. It also offers a variety of facilities that includes planned social activities, quality academic support, intellectual counsellors etc. Moreover, the UK is the most prestigious country that has the lowest drop-out rate. You can choose to apply for the UK student visa with the valuable guidance of reputed Immigration Consultants.



These are the top five countries in the world where you can plan to attain higher education. You can make a decision by having a look at the aforementioned countries. Note one thing that to pursue higher education abroad, you need a study visa. You can seek help from reputed immigration consultants to get assistance for choosing the appropriate country and university. Visa consultants will not only help you to choose a relevant country or university but will guide you through the whole visa process.  So, choose a relevant country with the help of reliable visa consultants for higher studies.

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