Married life is an amazing journey of life. There are ups and downs in every person’s life. The same happens in married life as well. Some minor disputes or any other disturbances keep going on. Ignore them should be given. If there is a serious matter, be careful. Even today many families hold a strict attitude towards the idea of ​​love marriage. Sometimes such a situation also comes that the situation becomes worse. It would be better at that time to take the help of any love marriage problem solution expert or elders of the family.

It is often seen in many cases that the understanding does not match in the couples after a love marriage. They make every little thing big. This is where the stability of the relationship deteriorates. Special attention should be paid to these things. Because it depends on the person to make or break the relationship.

After all, what are the problems of love marriage?

Marriage is considered a sacred bond. A marriage is never complete by the relationship between two people. Two families also have to be involved in this. Many parents wonder who their child should marry. Most families still prefer arranged marriages.

Arrange marriage is always done keeping in mind the caste, religion, etc. of both the families. Inter-caste marriage in these families causes many difficulties and challenges in relationships as compared to an arranged marriage.

Couples face many problems in love marriage

  • Many times boys and girls get married without the permission of their parents. In such cases, the girl has to face the problems. Because here she has to live in an atmosphere where no one likes her.
  • Doing a love marriage without parents’ approval creates a lot of negativity around the house. Sometimes the blame for everything falls on the girl. In such circumstances, it becomes difficult for her to stay there.
  • The problems arising out of love marriage sometimes start causing discord or dispute between the couples. They start quarreling over every little thing. Sometimes the family members also start creating misunderstandings between them.
  • In many families, it is believed that the boy and the girl getting married should be of the same caste. If this rule is violated, the boy and the girl have to be ashamed.
  • Couples after love marriage or inter caste marriage are often not accepted by their families. In such a situation, their children also never get the love of their grandparents. This is also a sad moment.
  • Most couples also have to face social pressure due to inter caste marriage. No one respects him in the family as well as in society.

What is the solution to the love marriage problem? how can they be resolved?

  • Couples should act with restraint in a disputed situation. Because any hasty decision is always wrong.
  • The most important thing is trust and honesty. If you follow this mantra then your married life will always be better.
  • Try to know what is the root of the matter which has been disputed? Can that be resolved through dialogue? Sit together and discuss it.
  • You can also include a close relative or a friend in your conversation.
  • In the case of parents, assure them that both of them are very happy with this marriage. After all, we are all human. Human beings have created this religion and caste. It is important how we all look at each other.
  • You can also take the help of any love marriage problem solution expert or astrologer. They also have better solutions in relationship matters.

In the end, our advice is to make your life better for the future. Don’t point out each other. This is the reason for the discord. Have faith in each other. Because the wrong decision weighs on you as well as other people.

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