is such a sort of awful site which has the previous name of kekma. Ga. Additionally, this is a particular sort of site, otherwise called the hustle shock site. Likewise, this site was first and foremost facilitated on April 23 of 2019. Furthermore, this sort of horrible site was made by Obok MeatGod. What’s more, he is otherwise called Kekmaguy. The site upholds all that sort of indicates, an extreme right and Reddit clone, particularly popular for Donald and Voat.

Overview of is previously known as the Kekma. ga. Furthermore, this site isn’t fitting for every one of the clients over the web. A stunning site is showing the substance of NSFL. Furthermore, this sort of happy has been utilized in many attacks on a few subedits and Discord servers, in actuality.

This site contains a quick glimmering of NSFL pictures joined by a shrill ear assault of an individual’s shouting and an NSFL video in the focal point of the primary page of this site. At the point when any client is opening this site or principal page of this horrible site; he comes to realize that the page enters a full-screen mode. Furthermore, when the client is choosing to leave or stop back from this site, his endeavor to get away from the pages of this horrendous and stunning site delivers affirmation of window message, likewise dialing back the leaving system of the client’s framework or gadget.

The content inside the website shows various sorts of content, showing various types of recordings and pictures that are improper for web clients. Furthermore, this site is likewise showing some satisfaction which is having a place with March 13, 2020. This video was a clinical investigation and recording of pork or tapeworm blisters crushed from a human liver.

At the point when any of the clients is open this site, then, at that point, this site is abruptly showing an 18+ age content and cautioning messages to that clients. Furthermore, this kind of site is additionally showing the connections between the Kekma people group site and furthermore This site is extraordinarily intended for the people who have no bliss in their connections, in actuality.

What is

Kekma .net is a bait & switch shock site created by Obok MeatGod back in 2019. Once opened, the website displays an 18+ age warning and a link to the community called Kekma having the domain name: stump grinder. info.

  1. If passed the 18+ Warning, the browser turned full screen.
  2. Various nerve scintillating extremely loud distortions of screaming start to play.
  3. On-screen you will see a video of a man squatting in a pool of semi-clotted blood.
  4. The cursor changes to an image of 4 deformed bloody penises forming a swastika flag.
  5. In the background, you will se two images:-One is of a baby with Harlequin Fetus on whom, a man ejaculating and another is of a dark man inter coursing with a dead.

How did this site spread?

The primary post about this dim site was an archive posted via web-based entertainment on July 15, 2019. What’s more, this video has gotten a ton of remarks from everywhere in the world, perhaps the most renowned remark was to this video” Why they don’t educate you regarding Hitler’s “Contracting Markets” issue.” During the mid-year and Autumn time of 2019, there is a connection posting on a few YouTube channels. Individuals observed them are very utilizing these Discords servers of a few YouTube channels and some Romanian imageboard makers. Go get kinds of the information stay with the Good Thing2

Final words has the old name kekma. ga. The more, this is such sort of site which is corruptly off-base and awful for their users and clients. This site has all the substance of unseemly and grown-up. Likewise, This site is thinking about a dim and awful sort of site. This site contains some unacceptable pictures, recordings, images, and GIFs.

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