Nowadays, the internet offers a variety of game genres online. It has been more accessible for people to access these games online. The games such as RPG and multiplayer games, barrel roll, and unblocked games. These tricky games are played by many; some people do not know what these games are about, while some have a gala time playing these. There are various games online that people play during their free time.

All about Pac-man

Similarly, PAC-MAN is a Japanese video game franchise created by the most famous “Toru Iwatani” but published by Bandai entertainment. Pac-man is known to be the longest-running, best-selling, and highest-grossing video game franchise in history and has had regular releases for more than 40 years. It has sold nearly 49 million copies all over the world.

The character of Pac-man is called the official mascot of Bandai Namco as it is said to be one of the most recognizable video game characters in history. One of the oldest games is “The Royal Game of Ur,” but when one talks about Pac-man, it remains one of the most popular games as it is a maze action video game. Pac -Man has been bringing joy to our gamers for over 3 decades now.

  • Why is it called Pac-man?

The original name was ‘Puckman’ which has evolved from the Japanese word paku, which means “chomp.”

  • Who invented Pac-man?

It was Toru Iwatani who created Pac-man!

  • Why is pac-man famous?

It is famous as it is considered one of the first video games to have demonstrated the potential of characters in the medium as its title character was said to be the first original gaming mascot, and it increased the appeal of video games to female audiences, it was said to be gaming’s first broad licensing success.

Pacman 30th anniversary

The 30th anniversary of a game we all loved was May 21, 2010. To mark this occasion, Google has created a new Google Doodle. Pac man is a maze hunting video game released in 1980, and this new google doodle marks the game’s 40 anniversary. It was the first video game that celebrated its 30 th anniversary by changing its logo. Google has created this one-of-a-kind Pac-man. This doodle is unlike other google doodles that have launched before it. The google pac-man logo is Google’s very interactive doodle in the form of the pac-man game you can play.

Pacman, which was released 30 years ago, has become one of the most iconic video games of all time. It’s not hard to see why. After all, it’s a simple yet highly addictive game that offers an experience on your smartphone.

In honor of Pac-man’s 30 anniversary, the creators have added a new chapter to the game called Ghost Town, in which Scott talks about growing up in the arcade and what he does to keep whatever he loves.

How Pac-man made an impact on google?

As one knows, Pac-man is one of google’s oldest video game doodles, appearing on April 13, 2010, as a tie-in to celebrate Pac-man’s 30 anniversary. As Pac-man was inspired by a new set of google algorithm changes announced in early April 2010, they wanted to represent these mathematical underpinnings excitingly.

How Pac-man inspired many other games?

The original Pac-man is known to be launched in Japan on may 22,1980 to little fanfare. It would still be known as one of the most successful video games ever, and it inspired a large generation of gamers to get hooked to this game for a long time.

Google has honored Ms. Jangs wok with an interactive logo that allows all users to play a version of Pac-man on the search page itself.

4 Main facts about Pac-Man

Fact 1-

It is known that the designer of the Pac-man had never heard about it when he designed it. Therefore the first 4 letters had to be changed for legal reasons.

Fact 2 –

The man who created this is Japanese, not American, as rumored. But his real name is not Toru Iwatani. It is Toshio Iwatani

Fact 3-

Originally pac-man was known as puck-man. When it was later changed to pac-man, they were told the term paku-paku, the sound of eating is a vulgar Japanese term. Hence it was changed.

Fact 4-

In honor of Pac-man’s 30th anniversary, Google has created a particular image that changes every time you search for Pac-man. There are more than 10 million results to it.

Why does pac-man’s 30 th anniversary have such a fan base?

Apart from previous games with the pac-man logo, no one has heard of any other celebrations by Namco. The 30 th anniversary is when the original Pac-man was released worldwide. Since then, PAC-man has been said to be the classic arcade game. To celebrate pac-man’s 30 th anniversary, the owner has released a unique addition to the game. These games are now available online, including PlayStation, X-box, android devices, or Apple devices. This game has a devoted fan base. Another fact about this game is Ms. Pac-Man was created by midway, a company that obtained a license to sell the original Pac-Man in the United States.

Yet another fun version of Pac-man is twisty puck man, a version of a fun puzzles game in which you have to push your ghost through a maze to reach the goal. If one still is searching where the idea of pac-man came from, one can still find an original game made by Pac-man himself. One of the most popular ways to celebrate Pac man’s anniversary is to buy a Pac-Man badge that looks like a game. There are usually Pacman boards with the most famous Pacman silhouette in honor and success of Pacman.

Whether you are a lifelong Pacman fan or just a beginner, you must celebrate this game’s one of the most legendary franchises.

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