A good design allows you to choose the best materials, which meet all needs.  As well as offering a product that guarantees durability over time. Furthermore, adding swimming pool covers is an important component of pool maintenance that should be considered. The limits must not be overlooked. We’ll see that there are several construction limits to consider before going down this road.

When the warm season arrives and the sun gets warmer.  You immediately think of the feeling of being able to relax next to a large body of water.  Where you can cool off from time to time during the day. And if you have the possibility. Why not create one in your garden.  So as to have it available for entire seasons.  You can also include the installation of a retractable roof so that when the weather goes bad or you’re not using the pool, you’ll be able to enjoy the sun or the stars whenever you choose. You can also avoid sunburn, which is something many people overlook while they are relaxing by their solar pool cover.

A good design allows us to choose the best solution.  Let’s see what are the main features to take into consideration when we talk about an in ground pool. For Landscaping services in Newbury click here


For our in ground swimming pool it is important to have a precise idea of ​​the size and shape.  It is most suitable for us, this feature is directly subject to the use that will be made of it. If we think of dedicating ourselves to a sporting activity.  We need space to swim, or more simply a place to relax while remaining immersed in the water.

It is obviously important to also consider how much space is available.   The surrounding area is harmonious with the tub. In addition to the size, it is necessary to define the depth of the water.  For example in the presence of children it is preferable to stay on limited measures that reduce the dangers.  Generally 120 cm of water in the lower part and 180 cm in the deepest part are more than enough to create a perfect.

Choosing the right shape is relevant, especially in the absence of space.  A good choice will allow you to have the in-ground swimming pool functional and well contextualized even in small gardens.  It is necessary to optimize space, obviously without sacrificing comfort. Fortunately, there are many techniques and structures available on the market to be able to create the most varied lines; round, elliptical, “Elle” etc.

Even the location in the garden has its great importance, it is in fact subject to sun exposure. The swimming pool and solarium must enjoy direct light as much as possible, it is better to include the relaxation area and the shower.


Let’s see what the materials are and how they greatly affect the final look of our pool:

  • PVC, a very popular material, a practical solution with a good yield and affordable prices. In addition to the classic blue tub that we are used to seeing, the colors can be customized in various shades to obtain very different aesthetic effects. Sand, red, green, dark blue, and the more daring black colors that reflect the surrounding environment almost like a mirror.
  • Ceramic, a highly appreciated material thanks to its impeccable resistance, and the aesthetic versatility it offers.
  • Mosaic, a particular and sought-after effect, perhaps rarer in recent years but which is recovering above all due to its great duration over time. Requires waterproof sheaths.
  • Natural stone, perfect for creating a unique bond between the surrounding environment and the pool, a harmony that puts the pool in harmony with the natural landscape, often used in bio-lakes and bio-pools.
  • Blends, enamels and paints, an ideal option for obtaining natural effects, there are many finishes by combining pebbles, stones, quartz with these materials, in order to obtain settings with a tropical style.


It is therefore always necessary to obtain a permit to build as it is part of new construction interventions sometimes subject, for some municipalities, to landscape or historical constraints, in which case it will be necessary to resort to specific authorizations from the Superintendency. Here is the robotic pool cleaner

It is good to rely on a technician who will surely be able to find, after careful checks.

If all these limitations prevent it from being built.  You can always opt for an above ground pool. The help of a designer can become a prominent element carefully integrated into your garden.

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