Did it happen that Mad Men first introduced that bar cart? Maybe, but the cult product has been in use for years, long before its time in the AMC series. With the holiday season approaching This piece of furniture needs some attention. Below, we provide a step-by-step guide to styling the ideal bar cart.

Make it simple most damaging thing one can accomplish to the bar cart is to make it appear cluttered. The purpose for the bar cart is the place where you can actually prepare cocktails and serve them So, make sure you keep a clear workspace. Also, organize items by the theme (hard mixers, spirits glasses, etc.) and use tray trays to divide the items. If you own a big cart, there’s likely to be enough space for a wide array of mixers, spirits and garnishes. For those who have carts that are smaller, you should plan your drinks menu ahead of time and limit your choices to only the ingredients you need (stash some olives as an example even if you’re not creating martinis).

The Cart Itself Cart Itself

There aren’t many homes that require the wood bar cart that is a part of it. In an emergency, your end table, or a portion of the buffet should be well. If you’re looking to invest in a bar cart however there are some items to look out for wheels that make it simple to move the cart around keeping it to the side before dinner, and move it in front of the table after dessert.

the shelves can be used as an area for serving or assembly and provide space to store bottles that aren’t being used often, and perhaps a few decorative items that are worth a look; especially is if you can locate one that has an edge or rail to stop glassware or bottles from being accidentally knocked off (particularly in the event that guests consumed some drinks). If you’re in a tight area, you might want to consider a sleek folding table that is conveniently stored when not being used.

Take into consideration the the placement

The first and perhaps most important thing to do is not place the bar cart in areas where guests are likely to repeatedly hit it even if it’s arranged to perfection and you’d like it be the focus of attention. If you’d like the guests you invite to enjoy quick access to the bar after dinner while you’re relaxing on the sofa, think about taking the cart out of sight and then bringing it back into the room once you’re ready for a drink. The bar cart will eventually become an ideal place to gather and, therefore.

if you’re looking to persuade guests to move to different rooms in the house Consider placing the cart far from the obvious bottlenecks, such as the living or kitchen area, but not far enough that it’s an effort to walk there for refills. Also, placing a cart located in the entryway or foyer is an excellent way to greet guests.

Back to the basics

Although you could certainly customize your bar cart to offer a special drink, if you plan to run the full bar, you need to have the following important items to keep in mind:
Spirits include vodka, gin, whiskey, tequila, whiskey and vermouth. You might want to consider having a bottle of wine or Champagne on the ice, if you feel it is appropriate. Bonus points if you mix to bottles such as Lillet, Cointreau, and bitters.

Mixers: soda water/seltzer limes and lemons for juicing and garnish cocktails cherries olives, simple syrup.

Cocktail shaking glass, mixer strainer, spoon cutting board (unless you’re pre-slicing lemons, limes, and similar items) and jigger sticks and an ice jar.

Glassware: martini, highball and Old Fashioned and more. Also, serve champagne flutes and wine glasses when you’re offering these options.

Enhance the Necessities

Every bar cart should have certain essentials and accessories, but they don’t have to be boring. Choose beautiful cloth napkins and drinks served in beautiful bottles create an impact. The most unique bottle openers and wine stoppers and wine coasters must be included, as well as the more colorful disposable products like teethpicks, straws and other items. If you’re serving sangria or punch with a gorgeous glass or pitcher will increase the appeal of your host. If you’re serving scotch as an instance, you might want to consider using a crystal decanter.

Add the Extras

While you’re not looking to overflow your shopping cart by adding accessories, a few will make your table really special. A small vase of flowers or a bud arrangement of fresh flowers are a wonderful way to inject some the color. Place the fruits and other garnishes in beautiful bowls or placed on a dish with feet to add a touch of class. A couple of books on cocktails recipes can be useful to look for books with striking spines and covers. A few other nifty objects are fun, but do not go too far. Think about using a brass object to support a stack of napkins, or a tea light that is an aesthetically pleasing holder to give some ambience. The beauty lies in the small details.

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